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Found 2 results

  1. Just flight have released their Hawk T1. It is available here: http://www.justflight.com/product/hawk-t1a-advanced-trainer
  2. IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST ABOUT MEGASCENERYEARTH 2.0 - HAWAII SPECIAL $5 EDITION We were hoping to bring you a spectacular MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - Hawaii product however due to a problem with more than desirable cloud coverage in some areas from the original imagery we were able to source there are some areas that do have about 3 to 5% cloud coverage. The artifact is present on the islands: Hawaii, Maui and Molokai. It is not that drastic but significant enough for us to decide to not release it as a commercial full price product. However, we know you all want to fly the entire Hawaiian Island chain so we are making it available to you at a price that will cover the bandwidth and server costs and other fixed costs to deliver it to you. That price is just $5.00. This way you can get to enjoy flying the Hawaiian Islands. Incidentally, the areas and islands that don't have this cloud coverage are truly spectacular and worth a lot more than the $5. So the product itself is free but we are just asking you to pay the $5 to cover the bandwidth and server costs for the 8 Gb download. When we are able to source a 100% cloud free Hawaii imagery we will re-release as a regular full price product and we'll also give you a rebate on the $5 you paid for this not-quite-to-commercial-standards edition. We hope you find this to be a suitable solution that will give you the product you want and at the same time keep the release schedule for MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 areas flowing. The screenshots below will illustrate the issue with the cloud coverage but you'll also see just how good the scenery is for the areas not hindered by the cloud coverage. The rest of this page will give you a description of what you are getting with this scenery using our standard product descriptions. Hawaii is over 6,423 square miles and has 41 airports. It consists of 8 islands. The scenery comes with all the VFR and IFR charts needed to get the most out of your scenery including 1 Sectional, 1 IFR enroute charts, a 125 page book of Instrument Approach plates, Airport Diagrams, SIDs and STARs, and an Airport Facility Directory. The charts are downloadable along with your scenery files. Some of the cities and landmarks you'll get to enjoy as you explore Hawaii include: Islands: Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, Kahoolawe Cities: Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Kaneohe, Waipahu, Pearl City, Waimalu, Mililani, Kahului Lakes & Water Bodies: Salt Lake, Pacific Ocean all around! Mountains & Hills: Mauna Kea (13,606 ft), Pu'uwekiu, Manua Loa, 1940 Cone, 1949 Cone and a total of 50 other peaks and mountains above 8,800 feet. State Parks & National Forests: There's a total of 50 state parks. Major Rivers: Wailuku River, Anahulu River Discover the rest of it all for yourself! There's a LOT to see! This is a download edition with the option to order a DVD disk set (2 discs). When you order the DVD disk set you will still receive download links. If you do not wish to download, simply wait for your DVDs to arrive in the mail. THIS TITLE COMES WITH A FULL SET OF FAA AERONAUTICAL CHARTS FOR Hawaii IN PDF FORMAT. Here's what you get (download links for charts will be given to you with your product download): SECTIONAL CHARTS: Hawaii TERMINAL AREA CHARTS: Honolulu Inset LOW ALTITUDE IFR CHARTS: Enroute High/Low Pacific 01/02 HIGH ALTITUDE IFR CHARTS: Enroute High/Low Pacific 01/02 AIRPORT FACILITY DIRECTORY: A FULLY INDEXED 14 PAGE PDF BOOKLET APPROACH CHARTS & AIRPORT DIAGRAMS: A FULLY INDEXED 125 PAGE PDF BOOKLET An important thing to note with MegaScenery is that with MegaScenery, framerates are faster than the default artificial scenery. So not only do you get the ultimate in realism but you also get a smoother flying experience. If you don't like to download, choose the DVD MASTER Option and we'll master a 2 disc DVD set with the software and mail it to you anywhere in the world for just a few dollars extra. Please note that this is a large download at 7.6 Gb. If you are unsure of the stability of your connection we highly recommend you order the DVD Master Option and you'll receive this area on 2 DVDs. NOTE: You will download a small zip file that has a html file with links to the 9 files that you will download. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Microsoft Flight Simulator X Any system capable of running FSX 7.6 Gb Hard Drive Space DOWNLOAD SIZE 7.6 Gb - Download Time 50 MBps About 20 Hrs 20 MBps About 60 Hours 10 MBps About 2 Hours 5 MBps About 4 Hours NOTE: You will download a small zip file that has a html file with links to the 8 files that you will download. You can install and fly the first while others are downloading. Each file takes around 10 to 30 minutes to download with a broadband connection. If you're not confident with the large download you can order the DVD Master for a little more (2 DVDs). You can order your special $5 edition of MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Hawaii from PC Aviator USA: http://www.pcaviator...roductid=555210 PC Aviator Australia: http://www.pcaviator...roductid=555210
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