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Found 17 results

  1. So it's that time of the year, sleighbells needed at LOWI, trip from Munster to Innsbruck, all went well until told to descend to 3900ft, at 4200ft I couln't see a thing, Go around required. Luckily on the 2nd approach all was good but there were no spaces so had to park near a hangar, flew the 2nd attempt by hand and it felt quite good, greaser landing to.....Airbus is A319 from Aerosoft.....
  2. Went on a tour today, testing a new WX Radar unit in my Lear 25. I flight planned IFR from CYYJ to KSEA. When I broke out of the clag (remember this is a WX Radar test, so nasty WX) at approx. 1000' ASL on the ILS for 16C, I was presented by the most unusual sight: KSEA had great big hills at right angles to the runway(s). There was maybe 500 feet of runway, then a monster hill, then another 500' of runway, etc, etc. Needless to say, the TOGA button got used and I was out of there. I flew back to CYVR, landed and shut down the SIM. I thought it was a simple matter of rebooting, reloading and give it another try. But - I decided to check out KSEA before launching. I set the active at KSEA as my departure point and reloaded P3Dv4 and the Lear. Nope! There's like a fifty foot hill not 100' in front of the A/C nose. I'm just getting back into this after a year off and I had reloaded the latest version of P3Dv4. I did not reload the Scenery and the Content, just the Client. Hoping to solve the problem, I downloaded new Scenery files Then I uninstalled the suspect Scenery Files with M/S Programs and Features, shut down UAC, shut down Windoze Defender and NOD32 and re-installed the Scenery. Same thing - hills across the runways at KSEA. Thinking it might be related to the third party (Extreme Prototypes) Lear, I shut down the Scenario, exited P3D, then reloaded the SIM with the P3D Stock Maule on the same departure point. Same thing - big hill! Sorry I can't post pictures. I did capture a few from the ground - I was too shocked to remember Cntl-V or whatever gets you a screenshot from the cockpit. However, I don't have a third party picture host anymore, so no piccies. Anyone else using P3Dv4.3 (see edit notes) and stock scenery? If so, I'd appreciate it if you would load KSEA and report back. I'm cringing at the thought of going to Prepared's forum for a solution. I may just reload ORBX and forget the whole thing. Cheers, March PS: I can PM the pics if anyone is interested.
  3. I recently purchased the FSL A320 for P3Dv4, and have barely put it down all weekend, a great product, if a little pricey, but if you're looking for the most realistic Airbus sim, look no further. Anyway, I flew to Tenerife last night from Gatwick, one of many flights completed in the new A320 this weekend! In the left turn from Gatwick over Redhill Back past LGW on a SAM departure Channel islands Over Brest España On a rare approach to Rwy 25! And a nightstop, she's somebody elses problem now! Thanks for looking!
  4. Evening chaps, As promised, a batch of screens from my flight yesterday, Heathrow to Miami in the iFly 747-400. Due to the amount of photos I've decided against editing once again. Unfortunately this was before I'd purchased GSX otherwise I'm sure the 747 would have looked even more beautiful at the gate. You join us at Heathrows T3 just after breakfast time, as we prepare for the 9hr 20 minute hop over the pond this morning. Taxi to runway 09R today, just a few aircraft at the holding point, shouldn't be held up very long. Past T5, I guess this is reserved for non-leisure routes instead And after 5 minutes or so of taxiing, it was our turn to line up The queen graces the skies once more Some one rich lives there Orbx make the English countryside look so great At our initial cruise of FL330 Settled into the cruise Leaving the UK coastline behind Our view for the next 4 hours or so That was another BA 747 coming back from JFK And the clouds finally started to ease approaching New Foundland Passing near Boston down the east coast of the US As viewed from the ground Preparing for descent Past Jacksonville toward Ft Lauderdale initially in the descent Pulled off the STAR really early for the vectors runway 09 Straight toward a bunch of developing CBs! Over Palm Beach descending rapidly after our huge shortcut LOVE the cloud shadows on P3D Not fancying a Go Around into all that weather ILS established 09 Touchdown KMIA Sorry for the huge post, hope you liked the shots!
  5. Hi guys, Just the quick one tonight as I purchased and tried out GSX (an excellent program for those looking to increase realism into FSX/P3D). I was just messing around at Lanzarote in the circuit in the PMDG 737NG of TUI Air, and remembered I had scenery for GCTS so I decided to do a quick half hour hop over there to try out GSX without a jetway. Today I also flew LHR-MIA in the iFly 747-400, so expect another post coming soon of that one.. Anyway, here's the shots - as it's late they're all unedited and straight from FS, so apologies for any red messages in the corners etc! In the right turn after departure GCRR 03 Climbing to a low cruise of FL230, excuse the lack of flight directors, I had initially hand flown the first segment of the departure No scenery pack for GCRR (yet) Beautiful sunset In the descent passing GCTS on the right Downwind Base to final turn Landing and vacate Rwy 07 Just like in real life, I was met by a follow me car (You have to request this through GSX menus) Passing the tower.. Parked. And this is where we see GSX really come to life. Shame about the bus colliding with existing ground traffic but hey ho, I like what I saw! Thanks!
  6. My first traffic pattern in P3Dv4.1 Boy oh boy, this is a whole new world to me!
  7. wain

    PTA installed

    So I bought PTA, just installed the profile that Matt puts with the download, there is an option for lots of tinkering, I have also set up AS16 and REX a bit more to my liking......there are a few things I still don't like much, not sure how to go about changing them though... 1, illumination of the roads, it may be correct but I don't like the big circles..... 2, buildings are sometimes just to bright at night...... 3, night time is still to light...... any suggestions on those 3 would be great.... I have the FPS counter in the corner as this is Carenado default aircraft, but it's easy to get airborne, I then have a consistant AC to test with, if I can get around 50FPS with this then more complicated should give me around 30-40........ all shots using live weather and real time....
  8. wain


    Just a few shots of my latest purchase, bit late to the party with this one but with p3d4 being 64bit I thought now was a good time...... thanks for taking the time....
  9. I recently got this, working my way through the tutorial flights, one issue though, if I set weights through the Majestic load app all my controls dont work and none of the switches move..this is after pressing calculate and send to sim... anyone else experianced this?........plane still works ok though if I ignore the loader.....it is a really good purchase but not sure if it should be used without using the loader for fuel etc.....
  10. Hi all! Just a heads up, we have more screenshots and details regarding Terra Flora! We’re excited to announce that Terra Flora is currently nearing the end of BETA testing and will be in your hands shortly! We’ve created a selection of screenshots that demonstrate Terra Flora across the globe. There are a lot more screenshots to come, including some from help of friends showing your favourite products! Here are the facts about Terra Flora: – Replacement for all default autogen to improve your simulation experience on a global scale – High definition vegetation textures created by Russ White to raise the bar in detail – Drastically improved colourisation over default vegetation for realism – Seamless blending between TERRA FLORA and REAL FLORA in future airport updates – Revised and optimised autogen models for performance – Support for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4 Release date: September Pricing: £19.99 Link for more screenshots here: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/terra-flora-approaching/
  11. "Sorry I'm late Lt. Flores", as I slipped into the left hand seat of our C-27J Spartan, "that was not quite the meeting I had in mind". I'd received a briefing package, with the new Giza Card, 24 hours earlier and had just finished filling out all the needed forms after Brian's "Petty Cash" expenses. This ended up putting us a little behind schedule and the weather had changed from the bright sunny morning into a "wonderful" drizzle. I don't think the Lieutenant was happy she'd been pulled in from her RnR to fly up to Lukla just to ferry some "dumb plastic pole". "Well at least you're not flying on to Paro, you gotta fly this bird back here. We're picking up some SAS guys and another Spartan pilot who just finished some survival training at Lukla and he'll be your right seat. I've got to take their Helo on to Paro" "Can we just get started through pre-flight already?" It was going to be on heck of a flight! "Engine one started. Love those C-17's. Man I'd love to fly one of those crates". Saw a few more "Big Birds", this time some IL-72's as we taxied out to Rwy 23 for a Eastern departure. "Hope Brian got some shots of that Taj Mahal, cause with this cloud cover, we're not going to see much at all Flores." I don't think she cares... We continued on and for the next hour this is all we saw. "Wowsers, even Kathmandu is fogged in." "Are we there yet?" "Don't make me turn this crate around Flores!" Some pretty amazing valley's here with the rivers cutting deep into the rock. Not that we could see much of them. Nope, nothing much to see here at all... I hope it clears up closer to Lukla or we'll have to find an alternate and try again tomorrow. Thankfully there was a break in the clouds right close to Lukla as we were on finals. And we'd just come through that. "You are rated to land here aren't you sir?" "Flores, there's nothing to worry about. I've landed here hundreds of times....... In the Simulator" A slightly late touchdown, but the brakes and reversers on the Spartan we well known for these sorts of very short landing strips. "C'mon Flores, lets tuck this girl into bed and I'll buy you a mug of fermented goats milk." She never did like my jokes... There we go, all parked and dark. And what a sight eh? "Geez they're a bit tough on the parking here aren't they? Who'd want to park their car here? Didn't even see any... You coming Flores?" Sim Details: P3D v4 OzWookiee Agra AFB & AeroSoft Lukla X sceneries Photoscenery created with FSEarthTiles 3D Mesh created with ALOS 30M DSM data and P3D SDK
  12. Picked this area up in the sale, Southern California......quick trip from KSEE to KSNA.......had to turn of AS16 as the cloud was so low......using one of my A2A craft.....I do think I can adjust the settings it seems to me on performance I could possibly dial up the detail a notch or 2 more....
  13. I am looking for a Boeing, preferably a 737 for P3Dv4, it must be updated for v4. I think the PMDG one is probably a little to much for me, not cost just to many systems but I may be wrong... I think there are a few - Captain Sim, Milviz, maybe iFly 747......my only experiance with Boeings apart from QW757 is a 737 from IXEG in XP11....so I probably need one with a good tutorial.... no rush so if you know one is due for update soon then I can wait. with v4 like XP11 I am only installing stuff I will use, I am waiting for the Aerosoft updates to the 320 which I believe will require a paid upgrade but I may have misunderstood that.... I suppose if the new CRJ might be an option... Budget isn't anissue but it needs to be one that helps me learn.... Any thought welcome........ thaks Wayne
  14. Hi, So I thought it would be a good idea to post settings in here that may help others in setting up P3D v4 - Obviously everybody's hardward and setups differ so please only use this as a guide, your experience may differ to mine. Feel free to post your setups here too and also add your machine specs too - as this will make it easier for people to compare specs and settings together. Well here are mine (so far) - If I update I will update this post... Machine Specs: CPU - Intel i7 4790k @ 4.4GHz GPU - Nvidia GTX1070 8GB HD's - 2 SSD's - one for scenery and one with 2 partitions - one for windows and one for P3D install RAM - 16GB Settings: First of all I use a tool called 'HotKey Resolution Changer' found here - https://funk.eu/hrc/ This will set a hotkey to switch between 60Hz and 30Hz monitor refresh rate - I use this as I use v-sync and that will try to keep the fps at whatever the refresh rate of the monitor is. So for instance, if I run unlimited fps and v-sync on, with a refresh rate of 30Hz - I will get 30fps in the sim. The combination of 30Hz, v-sync on, unlimited frames works really well in terms of smoothness. The reason for the last screenshot is to show I use DirectInput rather than Raw Input - this has given me a smoother control with rudder and yoke.
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