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Found 16 results

  1. I guess most of us know how to prepare a flight plan using the FSX tool or Plan-G, however, I wondered if a tutorial might help, particularly for those who'd like to join in with rallies like MEBAR but lack the confidence - and experience, maybe - to translate a rally flight briefing into a flyable flight plan. Anyway, here's my attempt at introducing Plan-G for rally flight briefing: Please let me have your feedback! Cheers - Dai.
  2. Welcome aboard for Leg 4 of MEBAR 2015. We fly from Palonegro Intl (SKBG), Bucaramanga, to San Bernardo (SKMP), Mompos - a distance of around 240 nm. This Leg is 'blind', which adds to the excitement! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks Tim): It's raining here at Palonegro as we take off at 7 am: Here's the sun coming up over the northern Andes: Our first waypoint, Hacaritama (SKAG), where we turn east: Now, we're established on the 101 deg in-bound radial for the LFA VOR: And soon we've arrived at Aguas Claras (SKOC) for a Full Stop. Here we're on Long Final: Steaming wheels as we stop at Aguas Claras: Flying back over SKOC and established on the 72 deg IBR for the STB VOR: Downwind on the circuit at Tibu (SKTB), preparing for our 2nd T&G: Base Turn: And another contact with the ground at Tibu: Leaving SKTB on the 293 IBR for the ELB VOR: That's Las Flores airport (SKBC), with the ELB VOR: And here's our destination, San Bernardo (SKMP), Santa Cruz de Mompos - joining the circuit: Base turn SKMP: Landing at San Bernardo: A wet but uneventful flight - no tight corners this time! Hope you enjoyed it... Cheers - Dai.
  3. We're almost halfway - this is Leg 3 of MEBAR 2015, from Medellin (SKMD) to Bucaramanga (SKBG). Only one dog-leg, this time! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks yet again, Tim!): Another beautiful, sunny day, here in Colombia as we take off: We've passed the Medellin LI NDB, and here we're establishing the 80 deg OBR from the RNG VOR: Over Puerto Nare (SKPN): And that's Cimitarra (SKCM) - still on the 80 deg OBR: Malaga - SKLA not the famous one! - is around here somewhere: Ah! There it is, tucked into the hillside, tidy like (!): Short(ish) Final to SKLA): And leaving Malaga: We've avoided the high ground and are re-establishing the 80 deg OBR, yet again: Joining the circuit at Saravena (SKSA): "Hello and Goodbye" at Los Colonizadores (SKSA): That's Palonegro (SKBG) ahead: Joining the circuit: Base Turn at SKBG: A bit of a cross wind, to liven up the landing: And so we've got to Bucaramanga in one piece - more by luck than good judgement. Another MEBAR Leg under our belts! Thanks for joining us. An exciting 'blind' Leg next... Cheers - Dai.
  4. This is where things get interesting, MEBAR 2015 Leg 2, from La Nubia (SKMZ) to Olaya Herrera (SKMD), and the first of 2 'blind' Legs where we're not told the Target Time in advance. Not that it makes much difference! Here's the interpretation of Andrew's Flight Briefing in Plan-G (Thanks again, Tim!): It's a nice sunny day as we take off at La Nubia: Turning north east to intercept the 76 deg in-bound radial for the MQU VOR: Turning at MQU for SKPQ: German Olano AB (SKPQ) ahead: A quick T&G and we're away: That's Furatena (SKFR) ahead, where we'll turn westwards: Turning at the UIB VOR for SKBS: That's Jose Celestino Mutis (SKBS) ahead: Long Final at SKBS: Here we're turning off the 97 deg IBR of RNG VOR at Concordia towards Medellin and SKMD: And that's SKMD ahead: SKMD approach: Long Final SKMD: A straightforward landing (Ha! - no screenshot) and the Leg is over. Thanks for joining me - see you for Leg 3... CHeers - Dai.
  5. Well, here we are again, thanks to Andrew and Joe. Well done Sirs! The first MEBAR Leg sees us start at Eldorado Intl, Bogota. Today we fly to La Nubia SKMZ. Here's the Plan-G Flight Plan (Thanks Tim!): Leaving SKBO: A quick T&G at Melgar AB (SKME): Turn at Wpt 2, the confluence of the Rio Magdalena and Rio Saldana Turning towards SKCL: Turning again at VOR ULQ (SKUL): Long Final at San Marino SK54: That's SKPE ahead: And our destination, La Nubia SKMZ ahead: Base Turn, SKMZ: Long Final: Touch down at La Nubia: An interesting flight - up and down, as usual - and reasonably close to the Target Time. Cheers - Dai.
  6. Each year, Team Mutley represents our Hangar on one or more air rallies. This time it's MEBAR 2015, thanks to Joe and Andrew and their efforts - great stuff, guys! Well, Team Mutley needs pilots, and that's where you can help. With 5 Legs to this year's MEBAR, 5 pilots would be ideal, so please post if you'd like to join in. And don't worry about the complexities of flight planning, we can help you with that! We'll decide which aircraft to use nearer the event. We've used the DC-3 before, but we're flexible, eh?!? If more thn 5 pilots join up, no worries - we'll have one or more extra teams! Look forward to you joining us. Cheers - Dai.
  7. MEBAR 2014 Leg 05: Baldoon to Inverness. Sad to say, this is the last Leg of this year's MEBAR. Today, we fly from Baldoon, in the south west of Scotland, back up to Inverness, where we started. Andrew has included a few castles on this trip, as well as a number of light-houses, so let's see what Tim has made of the briefing: It's another lovely afternoon as we take off: This is Southerness, where we turn north west: This is our first Loch, at Earlstown: As we go further north west, we come to another Loch, this time it's Loch Dungeon: Turning north east at Loch Enoch: Reaching the west coast over (ex RAF) Turnberry: Our first Touch and Go is coming up at Prestwick - base turn: Grabbing the ILS: And a quick T&G: Climbing again and returning over Prestwick: This is Goat's Fell, where one of RAF Turnberry's Armstrong Whitworth Argosy's crashed in WWII: Up the coast to turn at Gloch: Our second Touch and Go will be at North Connel: Base leg at EGEO: A nice and tidy T&G (For once!-Ed): Passing the high point of Sgor Chalum: Turning at Inverlochy castle with Fort William ahead: And that's Ben Nevis: I shouted Brian's name as we passed his cottage, but I don't think he heard me: Soon, we're back at Inverness: And we have the luxury of another ILS at EGPE: Returning to earth for the last time on MEBER 2014: "And what about a light-house?", I hear you shout - well, here's a postcard I found in an antique shop in Inverness, showing a fly-past when the Royal Flying Corps were stationed at Turnberry: And That's It, Folks! Thanks for joining me - See you next year! Cheers - Dai.
  8. Finish that coffee – we're off! Leg 4 of MEBAR 2014 takes us from Glenforsa, on the Isle of Mull, to Baldoon, which is on the Scottish mainland, south of Wigtown. Getting inside Andrew's mind hasn't been easy, but a few hours with Tim's Plan-G resulted in the following flight plan: It's 09:30 and the sun is shining as we take off: Gaining altitude along the Sound of Mull (Bag-pipes? - Ed): A steep turn to the south west at Eilean Musdile: And we bag our second light-house of MEBAR 2014 at Dubh Artach: This is Rhuba a Mhail, the north easterly tip of Islay, where we turn south west, again: Turning east at the Rhinns of Islay: And that's Islay airfield (EGPI) ahead, where we'll try a Touch and Go: Turning onto Final at EGPI: Shee-yit! That's some cross-wind – will we make it? Apparently, we did! Here we're resuming our flight south east, with Islay's T&G behind: Turning at Cambeltown (EGEC): Ah! The Mull of Kintyre! (More bl**dy bag-pipes? - Ed), turning east: Out to sea and turning northwards at Sanda: This is another island, Du-Bharr, where we turn towards Prestwick: The islands get smaller – this is Pladda, turning south: Passing the home of Scottish potatoes – Eilsa Craig: Labdfall on the mainland, yet again, where we turn at Corsewall: Our second Touch and Go is at West Freugh (Pardon? - Ed): Base turn at EGOY: Touchdown... … and climb out from West er, EGOY: Our last turn at Carrickcarlin Point: That's (ex RAF) Baldoon ahead: Turning onto Final at UK09: Yes, I know, we're a bit low, but we're almost out of gas (Who forgot to re-fuel at Islay? - Ed): But we do hit the numbers: So, 4 down and 1 to go – hope you enjoyed the island hopping and see you next time for the last leg. Cheers – Dai.
  9. Welcome aboard for Leg 3 of MEBAR 2014. Today, we're flying from Stornoway on Lewis, south to Glenforsa on the Isle of Mull. “Simples”, I hear you say – well, not quite. Here's Tim's interpretation of Andrew's flight briefing: The ministry said sunny, but they got ot wrong – it's p*ss*ng down as we take off: The plan takes us westward, out to sea to Eilean Mor, where we turn back... … over south Lewis (or the Isle of Harris, as some maps say): This is Scalpay and we turn south west: Passing Weaver's Point: And head out to sea again to visit the Monarch Islands: Back to Benbecula (EGPL), where we'll try for our first Touch and Go: Bit left of the centre line, thanks to the cross wind (Ha! - Ed), and a quick bounce... Turning south again at Ushenish: Over Barra – yes, that is Barra as far as FSX is concerned, anyway! Must be low tide... Turning south east at Barra Head: And turning north east over Skerryvore: Here's Tyree (EGPU), our second Touch and Go candidate: Base Leg at EGPU: Making another splash – magic! Changing course at Hyskeir: And turnin west, again, at Loch Harport, famous for its farmed salmon: Turning north east at Neist Point, the westernmost part of Skye: Passing Waternish Point: And we make landfall at Rhua Rheid, on the Scottish mainland, to turn south: This is South Rona: And this is Ornsay: Nearly there now (!) - passing Ardnamurcha: And this is Tobermory: Our destination – Glenforsa (ULL): Long Final for ULL: And we're down: Only 10 minutes early, this Leg – an improvement! And a battle against the elements is over – until, possibly, Leg 4. Hope you enjoyed the rather bumpy ride – and Thanks for joining us! Cheers – Dai.
  10. MEBAR 2014 Leg 2: Scatsta to Stornoway With this Leg, Andrew's briefing returns us to the Scottish mainland, where we head westwards toward the Outer Hebrides – here's the flight plan (Thanks, Tim): After taking off from runway 6, we return over Scatsta, to head SSW: Saying 'Goodbye' to the Shetlands as we pass Sumburgh Head: A half an we make landfall at North Ronaldsay: And that's Papa Westray (EGEP) ahead, where we'll make a Touch-and-Go: Descending over Westray (EGEW), joint holder of the shortest scheduled flight in the world (with guess who?!?): Long Final at EGEP: A quick T&G: On westwards to the turn at Noup Head: Here's the Brough (fort in the Gaelic) of Birsay: Passing Graemsay – over the Low Hoy: This is Ward Hill, the highest point on Hoy: Turning at Cantick Head, the most northerly tip of the Scottish mainland: Turning north (WT*?) at Dunnets Head – chasing silkies: And we bag out very first lighthouse at Sule Skerry: Back to Cape Wrath, looking extremely serene, for once: Another sharp turn north westwards at Stoer Head: And we reach the Buttt of Lewis and turn south, again: That's Stornoway ahead: Plenty of choice at EGPO – wind is 73 deg, so... … we'll plump for 07 after this Base Leg: Long Final: And we're down: So, another MEBAR leg under our belt. Hope you enjoyed the flight despite the default! Join me again, soon. Cheers – Dai.
  11. MEBAR 2014 Leg 01: Well, better late than never! After 3 weeks of painting the house, I finally dragged the Old Girl (sorry, not you, Pam!) out of the hangar and cleared out the worst of the sheep droppings. Stuck some new letters on the fuselage, and we were ready. Tim kindly gave me the latest version of Plan-G and, 48 hours later, we had decoded Andrew's briefing and the flight plan was finished: As you can see from the flight plan, it's one of Andrew's masterpieces. Looks like we'll be visiting every rocky island between Inverness and the Shetlands. As always, there's method in his madness, so we'd better get on with it and find out... Oh, yes - the screenshots are not pretty! The flight was VFR, with the aid of Tim's plan and so all the shots are external so that you get an idea of where we went. The weather at Inverness was unusually fine as we took off: First turn at Chanonry Point on Rosemarkie Bay: We couldn't find Castle Hill (default scenery - Aarghh!), but did see Fearn airfield: Next turn was at Tarbat Ness: Then, on to Wick airport: Ah Ha! John o' Groats with Cape Wrath in the far west: A sharp turn at Stroma: And another over Muckle Skerry (also missing from the bl**dy default scenery): Next up is Copinsay: Then Auskerry: Here we turn at Start Point: And approach the Fair Isle: Long final to EGEF: And our first Touch-and-Go: Turning again after a circuit of Fair Isle: That's Sumburgh airport: After which we turn towards Tingwall: Where we turn again: This is Bound Skerry, Bruray (note spelling): The second Touch-and-Go at Unst: Turning at Muckle Flugga (sic) and the most northerly point of this year's MEBAR, I think: Last turn (Hurrah! - Ed) at Eshaness: That's Scatsta airfield ahead: Base leg at Scatsta: And Short Final: So, my friends, that's Leg 1 in the bag. I was 20 minutes early, for my sins, so I won't get the bottle of champagne this time! But I do hope you enjoyed the flight and all the splendid (Not! - Ed) screenshots. Join me again... Cheers - Dai.
  12. Andrew Godden has just announced that entries to his Great Australian Air Rally (GAAR) for 2014, are now open. More info here: http://www.bluegrassairlines.com/operations/gar_gp/2014/gaar_2014/index.html We've had a Team Mutley entry for the last couple of years, so, please post if you're interested in joining the Team for 2014, and let us know if you have a preference for which aircraft you'd like the team to fly (see the GAAR website for types). And a Big Thank You to Andrew - Well Done, Mate. Look forward to another challenging rally! Cheers - Dai.
  13. It's that time of year again! Andrew Godden has just announced GAAR 2013 - it looks like this: 10 fairly straightforward flight stages (Not if I know Andrew! - Ed) and another opportunity for Team Mutley to shine (we were World Champions in 2012). To date, we have several stalwarts lined up for Team Mutley - Joe, Andrew and Brett have all shown their interest. Anyone can join in and being a member of an experienced team is a great way to get involved if you've not flown this type of rally before. So, let's hear from you! Last year we fielded 2 teams for the Mutley's Easter Bunny Rally, so the more the merrier. Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  14. As Team World Champions, Team-Mutley wil most certainly be participating in this year's MEBAR. Please let me know if you'd like to join either: 1. The 'A' Team - no age limit, but you must be high spirited and young at heart! 2. The 'Professionals' - not strictly Old Lags, but probably near the summit, if not over the hill... We've used a variety of aircraft in the past. If you have a preference, let us know and we'll sort it out. Thank You for your support! Cheers - Dai.
  15. Thanks to Andrew Godden, of Bluegrass Airlins, and Mutley's Hangar, of course (!), we have a new challenge - the 2012 Great Aistralian Air Rally - GAAR 2012. Starting from Cairns International, this year's GAAR takes us around Papua New Guinea and the northern section of the Barrier Reef before returning to Cooktown, just a few nautical miles from the start, 10 Flight Legs later. The first Leg, from Cairns to Pormpuraaw, looks like this (thanks to Tim Arnott's Plan-G): It's a nice afternoon at Cairns. The old DC Airways DC-3 is ready to go: Climbing out and on our way to the first waypoint, the BIB VOR: Turning onto the 290 degree radial from BIB: The river below is Maddigan's Creek, where we turn for the KOW NDB at Kowanyama: That's Kowanyama (YKOW) behind us as we fly up the coast to Pormpuraaw: Downwind at YPMP: Long final, after turning south: And we're down: Tomorrow, we head up to Cape York and over the water to Murray Island. Thanks for flying with us! Cheers - Dai.
  16. Just a Heads Up to let you know that DC Airways will be organising their annual World Rally later this month. Here's the link: http://dc3airways.com/special_events/wr_2011/welcome.htm You don't have to be a member of DC Airways to join in. Andrew and I will be taking part - we'll post some screenshots... Why not join us? I'm not sure if Norm will accept a Team Mutley entry - if anyone's interested, I'll make the necessary enquiries... Cheers - Dai.
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