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Found 16 results

  1. Have recently received a couple of members' e-mails wondering where I've got to... The freeware FSX Power Project is still being developed & hopefully improved. A new version should be released very soon, currently undergoing testing, possibly before the end of this year. Anyone interested in designing wind farms may find my three animated wind turbine models useful - two 3-bladed models (fast & slow rotation) and a 2-blade model. Each model may have its blade length set by adjusting scale & the hub height set by using a positive or negative altitude (the turbine's tower extends below ground level). The models can be found at : https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=ray+porter&x=21&y=11 I have been having a prolonged break from flight simming, particularly scenery design, but after an eventful year including a long stay in New York and two strokes, now finds my interest in FSX renewed. Additions & changes to FSX Power Project include a complete redesign to the steam effects resulting in less impact on frame-rates when the effects start up - this was a particular problem at Liverpool's John Lennon airport, being so close to Fiddler's Ferry power station. Didcot power station has been modified due to half of its cooling towers being demolished and the wind turbines in Blyth, Northumberland have been removed to be replaced by a single larger turbine. Many more UK offshore wind farms have been added including Rampion (116 turbines) close to the Shoreham airport flight path off the Sussex coast. Further additions of satellite-earth stations and wind farms around the world are modelled - almost 14,000 wind turbines accurately scaled & positioned globally. Incidentally, whilst in New York I was fortunate to explore Manhattan's Intrepid sea, air & space museum - notable exhibits include the Concorde sst, USS Growler submarine, and USS Intrepid aircraft carrier which houses numerous aircraft/spacecraft, the largest being the Enterprise space shuttle - well worth a visit. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all members & your families. Ray.
  2. FSX Mad

    spanish scenery

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where I can get good Spanish scenery either pay ware or freeware . I do have ORBX Europe lc and Barcelona airport but need Seville and Madrid
  3. Post removed by Mutley. No adverts are allowed unless placed in the press release forum by staff or accredited developer.
  4. Hey guys, Following the press release in the main forum, here are a few shots of Beti-X's new Stewart, Canada scenery for X plane 10. Enjoy
  5. Just published is my review of MCA Design's North American Airstrips Vol.1 This is the first release from this fledgling company see how they got on! Read on...
  6. Hello, I have been thinking of getting a texture add-on for fsx. I already have rex essentials+od, and enb series installed but I wanted something to improve the look of the dull scenery in fsx. Some people say GEX is better and others say ORBX is. More opinions would be much appreciated. Which is better for the money? Which one looks better? Which is more realistic? Also, I don't really want to buy both because I am not ready to spend that much. Thanks
  7. Hi guys. The X-Plane forum's been a little quiet lately so I though I'd post this cracking video here that I found to show off some of XPX's progress. Firstly, as the title suggests, the sim is now available with both 32bit and 64bit versions. Currently 10.20b5 is the latest available beta and it introduces some new scenery art pieces, buildings and things and there's more to come. However, performance in 64 bit is very good and the following video shows how nice Xpx can look (albeit with a little help from fsx :-) ) anyway enjoy.
  8. After years of waiting, the most anticipated region release from Orbx is here. This is the beautiful, green and lush country of England resplendent in all its glory and infinite charm. With FTX you'll experience England like never before with five distinct and accurately coloured seasons; summer, spring, autumn, winter and hard winter, and of course the famous FTX night lighting with 3D light poles. From the cliffs of Dover to the entire City of London to the Lakes District to Southampton docks and port, there is so much to see and discover in this wonderful country! Like our North American and New Zealand regions, every single default FSX airport in England has received a major upgrade with accurate runways, taxiways, buildings, static aircraft, PeopleFlow2 and even grass! Every square kilometre of landclass has been painstakingly hand-crafted and all our textures are tight annotated with autogen including custom objects like phone boxes and churches. You will truly be able to fly low and slow over England for the first time and feel totally immersed no matter what season or time of day. You simply cannot miss FTX England! - Over 130,410 sq km of FTX scenery! - Brand new beautiful ground textures - New trees made from local photographs - Roads, rivers, coastlines, lakes, railways - 10m Holgermesh for crisp definition - All major and many minor airports upgraded - Custom UK airport objects and markings - Impressively detailed City of London - Numerous polygon landclass areas - Hand-crafted landclass for entire region - Developed in Hampshire, UK - Hand placed super-accurate autogen Now available to download or pre-order on DVD from The FlightSim Store: http://www.flightsimstore.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Orbx+-+FTX%3A+EU+England&x=0&y=0
  9. Now then, here's something that's not easy to explain: I've noticed that when approaching helipads on top of buildings and light-houses, you sometimes get bits of the scenery object apparently 'poking through' into the virtual cockpit. Rather than try to explain, I made the following video, containing 4 clips for vertical and horizontal movements at Wolf Rock light-house (Earth SImulations) and a helipad tower (Finney Air). What do you think? http://vimeo.com/45087816 If you find similar problems then I'd be really grateful if you could post a description. And, if you think you have the answer, then I'd be really pleased to hear your view! Thanks - Dai.
  10. Here's a video of Ulrik Mosfeldt's new scenery for Kangerlussuaq Airport (BGSF). Like most places in Greenland, it's cold but very colourful! Ulrik will be publishing Kangerlussuaq-X soon - I'll keep you posted. Enjoy! Cheers - Dai.
  11. With the recent release of Aircraft Construction Group's IWM Duxford scenery, i thought I'd check out a few of their other sceneries...and boy am i glad i got this beauty of a download! RAF Marham, Norfolk is home to the RAFs southern Tornado contingent, and plays host to the Tornados of 9(B) and 31Sqn. So what better A/C to take a trundle around this Main Operating Base than an Tornado, the freeware GR4 from IRIS to be exact, and in this case a IX Sqn GR4, ZA552. Close up of our Tonka for this ride. Safely parked up outside of it's HAS, #47. The Detailing on the HAS and surrounding area is exquisite! Taxiing past more HAS and a fully-functional refuelling truck and some Ground Servicing Equipment (GSE) A parked up military ambulance and the main IX Sqn building. Leaving no stone unturned, even the pill boxes and chain link fence are modelled....watch the speed, there's an RAF Police officer & his dog on patrol an accurately modelled control tower, and i'm pretty sure i know who's car that is on the end! ACG have even modelled the recently built ISO park and armament store, even including the RUBB hangar and underground fuel store even things as minor as the sand-filled plastic barriers are there...should i be excited about that?!? coming around past the 2 Sqn HAS area. ok, now this i am excited about... fully functional emergency traps, as placed in real life. Activated by the NAV1 control. rotating from the runway, the main base area in the background climbing out and over the ASP, more RUBB hangars correctly placed. the IX Sqn HAS area from above...excellent detailing and placement of the Squadron buildings and an overview of the fantastic attention to detailing and building placement, so much so that i can name each and every building from here, including the "Singlies" living area towards the top center/right If you haven't got this absolutely amazing freeware add-on yet, why on earth not!?! Head on over to ACG and get yourself a copy now. Oh, and the (now freeware) IRIS Tornado super-pack is sublime also - although i'm sure you'll have it already, if not it's available from here
  12. Hello everyone, I've been having so many issues with FSX. I've spent so much money already and just need some help. I have a brand new Icore7 pc with 1 tb memory and 8gb ram and a 2gb video card and first I vought an downloaded the 757 from captain sim and it doesn't even work its so slow you can't even move, but the other planes I bought seem to work fine could someone tell me if there is something I need to do to make this plane work normally? The second thing is I just bought and installed REX 2.0 and the first time I tried it it seemed to work fine and the scenery was beautiful except for the runways for some reason were very glitchy.. but soon after I never saw clouds again, and anytime the clouds started to apear they looked like big giant squares in the sky and I just don't get it. My Weather avoidance tool doesn't work while FSX is running and I've tried different settings and also re installed the application as well and no luck. Someone PLEASE help I would really appreciate it. There's no way this is my computer's fault because its really fast and a bunch of people on youtube post videos of their REX effects in flight and have similar PC specifications and nothing seems to happen to them.. Anyway thanks I hope anyone can help.
  13. UK2000 Scenery announces the release of 'Cumbernauld Xtreme' for FSX and FS2004. This General aviation airport is conveniently located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The airport offers facilities and services including flying and helicopter training. There are 2 large hangers, several smaller hangers,a control center and airport cafe. The scenery is made with new hi-detailed surface textures that produce 3D crack and edge effects. It also has thousands of 3D grass 'blands' and shrubs around the airfield to give a realistic feeling of the scottish landscape. In addition to the main airport you also get the nearby industrial estate compleate with 3D cars and trucks, some of which are animated. Like all our Xtreme range products you can try this scenery for FREE by downloading the no time limit DEMO version. Full version purchase price is £11.50. www.uk2000scenery.com
  14. Narsarsuaq X scenery package is the most real mesh for Flight Simulator X for South Greenland. This area covers more than 13,000 Sq. miles. The mesh data is made from ASTER GDEM data. While ASTER GDEM data is not nearly refined as STRM source data, the data is the best data for Greenland. The raw ASTER GDEM data is not without its problems, but I have remake large areas to make it useful. But it's not only the mesh which have been reworked. The coastline and islands are reworked for this release. Like the lakes and rivers are. Custom made buildings have been included. Photo Scenery for BGBW area in all season variation. Narsarsuaq (BGBW) is moved to the right position, added custom made buildings. Following places are added to the scenery: - Qaqortoq Helistop (BGJH), and buildings. - Narsaq Helistop (BGNS), and buildings. - Nanortalik Helistop (BGNN), and buildings. - Qassimiut Helistop (BGQT), and buildings. - Eqalugaarsuit Helistop (BGET), and buildings. - Ammassivik Helistop (BGAS), and buildings. - Alluitsup Paa Helistop (BGAP), and buildings. - Tasiusaq Helistop (BGTQ), and buildings. - Narsarmijit Helistop (BGFD), and buildings. - Aappilattoq Helistop (BGAQ), and buildings. - Angissoq Loran Station Buildings have been added with helistop - no ICAO. - Nalunaq Guldmine Buildings and a helistop - no ICAO. - Saarloq buildings have been added - no helistop. - Igaliko buildings have been added - no helistop. - Qorlortorsuaq Hydro Power Plant - no helistop. - Hvalsey Church Ruin (Qaqortukulooq) custom ruin building. - Several fictional places with helistop or airstrips. This release have redefined land class for the area. This gives you a more realistic land class. MISSIONS: We have made some missions aswell. You can find the missions under "Just for Fun". Added missions are: - Angissoq Loran Station: Fly from Nanortalik helistop to Angissoq Helistop. - Glacier station Trip: Fly a waterplane (FSX Standard) from the Narsarsuaq Harbour to the Glacier Station. - Nalunaq Guld Mine: Fly from Nanortalik to the Nalunaq Guld Mine. - Tele Naja Service: Fly from Narsarsuaq to the Tele site Naja. REQUIREMENT FOR MISSIONS: "Sikorsky S-61N OY-HAG, Photoreal text...", which you can find in our helicopter download section. Visit FlightSim Greenland webpage and see screen shots, and download the scenery.
  15. Last week we finished the development of the long-awaited, improved version of the scenery covering Germany based on our new rendering technology we used also for our American ones. We hope you will enjoy a much better presentation of water, isles and buliding areas and also improved freeway traffic. One of the most exciting features of openVFR is, that our flightsimulator scenery is not based on static data. As is build upon data of Opentreetmap everyone could improove its data source by simply editing the area of interest. On our openVFR website you can finally request us to develop an update for this specific region. After the first exciting results with openVFR Africa we have decided to continue the development of some more interesting sceneries containing parts of Africa. Following the user requests of our flightsim community we have already prepared openVFR sceneries covering Ghana, Republic of Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Egypt. They are now ready to be downloaded. Furthermore we also have published some more areas of North and South America: South America - Chile, Columbia North America - Costa Rica, Panama, Greenland, Newfoundland & Labrador Finally we are also happy to present the first openVFR sceneries covering some areas in Asia and Oceania: Asia - Philippines Oceania - French Polynesia All in all this development cycle will add the following sceneries: openVFR Europe, Germany (2011/08) openVFR Africa, Ghana (2011/08) openVFR Africa, Republic of Zimbabwe (2011/08) openVFR Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (2011/08) openVFR Africa, Zambia (2011/08) openVFR Africa, Egypt (2011/08) openVFR Asia, Philippines (2011/08) openVFR Oceania, French Polynesia (2011/08) openVFR North America, Costa Rica (2011/08) openVFR North America, Panama (2011/08) openVFR North America, Greenland (2011/08) openVFR North America, Newfoundland & Labrador (2011/08) openVFR South America, Chile (2011/08) openVFR South America, Colombia (2011/08) More screenshots can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=111076745603108 We are quite sure, that we will add some more areas soon. The question, if openVFR will cover the whole world will still be open. Pls, feel free to request some for free: http://openvfr.freyt.de/magento/index.php/missing_country Best regards openVFR team www.openVFR.de
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