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Found 2 results

  1. EDIT - 7/7/17 These downloads are no longer available since the MH File Library can no longer be supported. E-mail me if you have some specific things you are interested in and I'll try to accommodate your needs. Note that the ability to display files in Plan-G as detailed below still works if you have files for a specific airport in the proper format. John Allard allardjd@earthlink.net ================================================================= Terminal Procedures for Plan-G Mutley's Hangar is pleased to roll out a new, free resource for our users - Terminal Procedures, in a format that can be used directly in Tim Arnot's Plan-G. Terminal Procedures uploaded here have already been consolidated (some were originally multi-file procedures) and re-named to display in the airport Charts fly-out menu in Plan-G. There's a new category in the MH File Library titled Terminal Procedures for Plan-G. There are already a few categories below that for specific countries and US states. Populating them has begun. More categories will be added as more data is processed and uploaded. To whet your appetite, the screenshot below gives an idea of what you can expect to see for an airport that has had its Terminal Procedures installed in your Plan-G Charts folder tree. When a procedure is selected from the fly-out menu, it will open in the default file viewer, typically Adobe Reader. The downloads will contain the full pdf version of real-world procedures. They will be outdated/expired versions and, of course, are not suitable or legal for real-world navigation. - IAPs and SIDs - Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs, or sometimes DPs) will be bundled together and posted on an airport-by-airport basis with all the available procedures for a single airport in one zip file. Some of the downloads may be quite large. The IAP and/or SID downloads can be used by simply unzipping them into the appropriate folder of your Plan-G Charts folder tree. - STARs - STARs will be handled somewhat differently from IAPs and SIDs because some STARs apply to multiple airports. We anticipate STARs will be posted by the STAR name but the posting text will indicate which airports are served so a search on the airport ICAO code should bring up all that are available and relevant to any specific airport. At this writing, no STARs are posted but over 300 have been processed and we're in the final stages of polishing the content and the packaging process. It is expected that STARs will begin to appear within a few days. STARs, because they may apply to more than one airport, should be unzipped in a dedicated STARs folder, which may be located anywhere you wish. It is not necessary that they be located within your Plan-G Charts folder tree, but they may be. You must create a Windows Shortcut file for each airport to which the STAR applies and move those into your Plan-G Charts folder tree. This avoids needing a full copy of the STAR for each airport. STAR pdfs are 200K and up - Windows Shortcut files are about 1,200 bytes. The download material for STARs will include the full text of each required Windows Shortcut filename. That will permit a copy and paste operation when creating the Shortcut files, avoiding the typing and assuring that the STAR will display properly in Plan-G. - ONGOING PROJECT - This will be an on-going project with much more data to be added, in much the same manner as the Airport Diagrams that are available elsewhere in the MH File Library. Initially, US airport procedures will predominate but as other sources of public domain procedures are identified and as user demand dictates, others will be added too. Requests for procedures for a specific airport or specific STARs will be considered if public domain procedure documents are available. We cannot use Jeppesen charts because they are proprietary. - DATA VOLUME - The volume of files will be relatively large and users may wish to pick and choose which airports they want to download Terminal Procedures for if download speed, Internet usage limits or disk space are matters of concern. It is anticipated, for instance, that the procedures for all the US airports, once they are available, will run to around 6 GB. - LOG-ON NOT REQUIRED - As with Airport Diagrams, an MH user ID and login are NOT required to download. Casual browsers and lurkers as well as logged in MH Members may download freely. John Allard
  2. A New Project If you use Tim Arnot's Plan-G flight planning freeware… http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/planG.htm ...this may be of interest to you. What I'm proposing to do may help you benefit from what I'm doing without replicating all my leg work yourself. I'm slowly populating my Plan-G charts folder tree with terminal procedures. I have an old (2011) DVD copy of all of the US IAPs, STARs and SIDs. I will also add public domain, non-US terminal procedures as they become available and as time permits, however the primary focus for the time being will be US terminal procedures. What makes this possible is that Tim's software now allows the use of JPG, PDF and LNK files – the latter are Windows Shortcut files. Most terminal procedures are PDF files. My airport diagrams are JPGs and the LNK files are necessary to efficiently use STARs. To make the files display properly for the correct airports in Plan-G, it's necessary to rename each file so that its filename begins with the ICAO code. I'm taking that a step further, embedding some additional information within the filename so the entries will sort logically when displayed in Plan-G and give me and any other users some idea what is in each procedure without having to open it and look at it. A picture is worth a thousand words so here's what a fully populated airport looks like in Plan-G. It's necessary to right-click on the airport icon in Plan-G, then left-click “Charts” on the fly-out to get the menu of available documents to display like this. Selecting any one of them from the fly-out displays that file in whatever viewer you use for that document type. STARs are unique among terminal procedures in that they may be applicable to more than one airport. As a result they must be handled a little differently from IAPs, SIDs and the occasional Visual Approach plate. For STARs I put the parent STAR PDF in a separate STARs folder, then create Windows Shortcut files (LNK files) for each airport to which it applies. The shortcut files are much smaller than the parent STAR pdf and each one is named so that it will display for the appropriate airport. For example, the Dallas area STAR “FINGR THREE” applies to five airports in the Dallas area. I've created five Windows Shortcuts, one for each airport to which the STAR applies… KADS – STAR – FINGR THREE.lnk KDAL – STAR – FINGR THREE.lnk KHQZ – STAR – FINGR THREE.lnk KLNC – STAR – FINGR THREE.lnk KRBD – STAR – FINGR THREE.lnk They're identical except for the filenames and each one points to the full PDF copy of the STAR in the separate STARs folder. With those in the Plan-G Charts folder, this STAR shows in the Charts fly-out menu for each airport to which it is applicable. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Of course you could do what I'm doing but it's a long and tedious job and you'd only be duplicating my efforts. I propose to share the renamed files with others who are interested, via some kind of subscriber list much like what's available for my airport diagrams. I expect that the number of files and the volume of data will make e-mail attachments prohibitive, so am thinking of creating a shared Drop Box folder to which subscribers will have access for downloading my re-named files into their own Plan-G Charts folder. I haven't fully thought through all the bookkeeping and logistics of this, particularly given that I have a fairly large number of these done already, but am looking to gauge the interest level in this. If you think you might be interested in subscribing to this free service for re-named TPP files via DropBox, please e-mail me by clicking the link below and letting me know. allardjd@earthlink.net
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