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Found 5 results

  1. Using my nom de guerre of Lothar Kramer, the only child of a civil servant in the colonial administration posted to Samoa, I grew up tough, playing in the plantations with the local Samoan children. In 1914, in a final effort to civilise me, my father sent me back to Germany to study engineering at university. However, whilst on the steamer back to Hamburg, the announcement of hostilities and an on board friendship struck up with an expatriate German officer, quickly changed my plans. Immediately upon arrival in Hamburg, I enlisted in the Imperial German Army. Posted as a machine gunner, I arrived on the Western Front in 1915 with my Regiment, as reinforcements in the second Battle of Ypres, and thus began a series of unfortunate events which would ultimately see me become a pilot. So it came to be, that on September 1, 1916, at the age of 25, and now as an Unteroffizier in the glorious Imperial German Flying Corps, I reported for duty at the newly raised Jasta 2, stationed at Velu Woods, near Cambrai in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region on the Western Front, under the command of Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke. With a mere one day to acquaint myself with my unit and new home, flying duties started in earnest on September 2. Jasta 2 was equipped with Fokker E.IIIs, 'Eindeckers', and my first taste of combat was a balloon attack mission. Now this may have sounded like a sedate, romp in the park, but far from it, as we were bounced by three Nieuport 17.C1s from Esc. N 3 near the objective. The French fliers were no match for German superiority, however, and the Nieuports were quickly dispatched with ruthless, German efficiency, with me gaining my first kill, sending Caporal Matthieu Ganeval to a flaming death. Adding the destruction of an enemy observation balloon to my score instilled further confidence and resulted in the awarding of the Iron Cross 2nd Class. All in all, I would say a good start to my flying career in my first combat mission. En Route on the First Mission Turning to the Mission Objective Closing in for the Kill The Nieuport's Final Moments Over the next few days, I flew a range of missions, adding an F.E.2b from No. 25 Sqn and another enemy observation balloon to my score. With my personal successes mounting and now leading the Jasta tally board, on September 7 I was assigned to an early morning Alert Patrol mission in a schwarm of four E.IIIs. Another F.E.2b from No. 25 Sqn tasted the fire of my Spandau, and so did another enemy observation balloon, as my kill count continued to mount. Peppered with flak fire from the site of the enemy observation balloon, I took a close flak burst, with shrapnel hitting me and my aircraft's fuel tank. Wounded, but still conscious, I made directly for my home airfield. My leaking fuel tank got me safely across No Man's Land and with about 15 miles to go, the engine gave a final splutter before dying due to fuel starvation. Altitude was my saviour and I was able to glide and land in a field about 2 miles short of home. For my efforts, I was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class and four days in hospital whilst I recovered from my wounds. To Be Continued.....
  2. Anyone interested I have had a clearout... Memphis Belle Vulcan Flying Club 2 Flying club x DC10 from JF Free to a good home....post uk only.. sorry....otherwise they can go to a Charity shop...
  3. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX, http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/101126-aerosoft-night-environment-alps-now-with-p3d-v3-support/
  4. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps v1.7 Released!!! http://www.nightenvironment.com/alps.html
  5. It seems A2A found a problem with the A2A C172 6-27-15 update so I introduce to you 6-28-15 Accu-sim update; DOWNLOAD http://www.a2asimulations.com/downloads/updates/fsx/A2A_Update_06_28_15.zip 06/27/2015 - 06/28/2015 CHANGES: - Update error with C172 Trainer. If you have the C172 and ran the 06/27 update, re-run this update. If it says the 172 is up to date, then this means the install is OK. If not, it will re-apply the update. If you still get an error with the C172, look in your A2A / Cessna 172 folder, and delete the "update_fsx" folder and re-run. Sorry for the trouble.
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