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Found 53 results

  1. wain

    couple of TBM's

    Over the UK, TBM 900 & ORBX TE....
  2. jaydor

    Epic E1000

    Have not been around of late due to eye operation, but can see to fly again at last. X-Plane new Epic E1000/G1000 CU
  3. wain


    Loving this Hawk from JF, eventually got the hang of Navigating however got too slow on approach......that's gonna cost...£££££....
  4. So I gave in and bought Xvision for XP....first try with default setting....aircraft is JF's Archer III, a little preview for you.....
  5. Flew the JF Archer from Inverness - Bristol today, flight was over complete ORBX TE UK series of scenery, UWXP and ASXP combining to inject and visualize the weather....I cheated in regard to fuel and topped up using XP Fuel during flight instead of landing somewhere.....I think these shots just go down as far as Blackpool area..... by the way I think these planes JF are converting to XP are really good examples, I know I am biased but I have a different version of this plane and I don't think there is much of a comparison...thoroughly enjoyed bug squashing on this one...
  6. All clear from JF to post a few of these, using ORBX's EGHI and TE South...AC is still BETA currently....
  7. wain

    spuds to EGYE

    Fying a load of spuds into EGYE, JF'S TB over TEUK, weather a mixture of ASXP & UWXP...
  8. wain

    clouds etc....

    Took a few shots around TE South, using ASXP to inject the weather and UWXP to show it........Skymaxx Pro just emailed about an update that will integrate it easier with ASXP but I have not tried that yet....
  9. Messing around with some shaders this evening (still tweaking XP to make it look as close to real life as possible) - This was on departure from LHR, initially for a flight over London, but since my A/T didn't want to play ball, it was back into the circuit to land. Enjoy!
  10. Some random shots showing this stunning scenery. Car_C208B_16 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Car_C208B_14 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Car_C208B_10 - Copy - Copy by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Car_C208B_6 - Copy by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr Car_C208B_2 - Copy - Copy by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_58 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_55 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_54 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  11. Not sure if I am allowed to post this link....sorry if not, however link below shows some stunning shots from ORBX soon to be released TE UK Central.... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/163078-coming-soon-trueearth-gb-central-for-x-plane-11/?tab=comments#comment-1434788
  12. wain

    departing LSZA

    Trinidad on route to Zurich from Lugano......
  13. A few shots or ORBX version of EGHI, sites nicely with TE UK....
  14. wain

    Beaver +1

    2 beaver shots and a end of day across the severn.....
  15. Picked this up late last week, I can't believe how good it is, all other planes are parked for a while this is such a good example of how it should be done, looks fantastic and the whole maintenance thing, reminds me of how you have to treat an aircraft from A2A, everything is how you have left it, so make sure you shut it down correctly, and each airframes state is saved accordingly.....wrote of my first one, repairs over 700,000 dollars, landing was an issue, just didn't want to touch down........anyway here are some shots from the weekends flights, I was unsure but James persuaded me I would like it and he was correct, I did have a hit with fps but that seems more related to the clouds if I am honest......
  16. Dreamfoils Bell 407, low cross country to Truro....wish I could land the bloody thing!!!!!!
  17. SSG 748 Freighter, paint supplied by @jaydor.........weather UWXP and Trueearth UK XP11......heading out of Gatwick for Frankfurt, uummm beer and sausages.....Oktoberfest.... JF Warrior, AH for XP hauling tools to Plymouth, can't get enough of this True earth........
  18. wain

    BELL to Wales

    Dreamfoils Bell 407 near the Severn Bridge.....
  19. Last night i purchased the Just Flight C52 for XP11 and its a really nice aircraft. Thank you Just Flight for this and look forward to others being released for XP11.
  20. needing a little help here please, if a monitor has a res of 2560-1440 and fsx / p3d has a res of 1920- 1080 how is the display effected? does it get stretched? is it more detailed, more pixels? also re xp11 I can't seem to see anything about resolution for that, anyone have any ideas? still haven't pulled the trigger on a new monitor.........more money available now though....
  21. New one just released from Just Flight..... been a pleasure this one has...just a few shots....
  22. Authorised to post a few shots of this one now.....sorry about the numbers, still testing.. default XP except this AC.....
  23. Recent update of Xenviro to a WIP 1.08.......I think it was a good idea to release it and get more eyes on the job searching for bugs etc....it seems better to me, I have clouds etc maxed out and frames are reasonable, aircraft is IXEG 737 and I know they don't exist but I have a Berlin (the place) connection from my Army days so I do like this livery.... reXE: there are a few issues, the main one is when looking down from above your aircraft can appear to be in a clear bubble, but not always....I have seen some great pics especially with the dawn / dusk lighting in XP11........ Pushing back the only addons for this currently are the Aicraft, weather and Ai, all the scenery is out of the box...
  24. So I managed to get my hands on this A320 from Flight Factor, did a couple of flights, mainly on my tester route, EGGD-EIDW......all went well, I am seeing a lot of people having problems that aren't problems but it seems lack of Airbus knowledge, devs don't really help with a 10 page pdf and basically a link to Airbus 300+ page handbook...I always feel releasing something like this there should be at least a basic flight tutorial explaing how to use the product...Anyway for me it was all fine as I have used Aerosofts and JAR'S buses.....all looks fine to me, had a few warnings of faulty things but sorted them nothing major.....install was easy, through the MCDU for activation, some people having issues with EFB, again move the mouse away it's all sorted, it seems there are people that don't try the obvious first......it followed the FP very well, sticking to restrictions and capturing the approach and ILS with no issues.....landing perfectly, with spoilers activating and reverse thrust all working as should, people on XP forum claiming this is broke but I am not seeing this....I don't like that FF always sell livery packages, however XP forum is packed with freebies that are good quality, some great talent out there that do it for fun....... slightly off topic but I have an external log from another poster a while back, it seems if you fly to destination and return it thinks you hav not gone anywhere, guess I have to close down sim between flights, shame really but no big deal...... so here are some shots........... ready for the push... pushing..... climbing above the cloud... office view... approaching EIDW..... on the GS.... down and nearly stopped, thrusters and spoilers working... starting the return trip....... landing at Bristol.....
  25. Trip in the FF757v2 from Manchester to Dusseldorf..... pushback at a busy Manchester.... snow shower gone, nice place to have a quick drink... awaiting our turn... climbing/cruising.... turn to descend.... touching down, landing was a bit long, to busy trying to get picture...
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