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Found 10 results

  1. wain

    JF Warrior

    A few shots of a flight I did yesyerday late afternoon, JF Warrior from EGGD - EGCC, first proper try out in this plane,2 things I noticed that I will approach JF about, one was no readout on EGT gauge and the other was auto fuel pump switch was not working....otherwise great flight trying to stay below the clouds as dark descended... just after take off.. looking back at Bristol... Filton, as it was over the right wing... descending on the approach to Manchester.... couldn't find GA parking.... all unloaded and securing.... seems to me a very nice aircraft to fly, feels quite solid in the air and trims very well, hidden spot on autopilot for alt hold is handy, had a few issues starting but doubtless that is down to me.......ground handling seems a pain but we all agree that's an XP11 issue so no faults with JF for that......
  2. wain

    saab 340 xplane

    Anyone with the saab from over at Xaviation, v1.5 released, adds compatabilty with XP11 amongst other things...
  3. wain


    Here are a couple of shots from the Rotate MD80, bought it a while back but been to busy, really love it though........
  4. wain

    124TH ATC V2

    I came across this Freeware / donationware program over the weekend. Like most sims the ATC in Xplane is not very good and usually we look for some kind of addon or if you have time you may fly online. This has been in developement for a few years and it is still ongoing with a published roadmap. The current developer is active on Xplane Forum and is open to suggestions and working on bugs that are reported. It is a very small download and is then put into your Plugin folder, easy to use and setup with a nicely written 30 odd page manual. The program is easily accessed via the top bar where you can switch it on / off and go into the options, there is an important thing to do in options and that is to set your rate of descent for your particular aircraft, this is so the TOD can be calculated more acturately. I also have it set to Autostart so I only need to set the descent rate if I change aircraft. To try it out I decided to do a return flight from Zurich to Innsbruck in a small Cessna, this would let me see if the program was able to route me around the high mountains and down into the valley to capture the ILS. It worked seamlessly, getting me on my route, up to my cruise and then around and dwn into the valley to capture the ILS. You turn your power on and you can contact ATC for the usual requests, submit a Flightplan, permission to start engines, ATIS, Pushback etc...you get full instruction and get told to proceed to your holding point where a box appears, you click this initiate contact and get permission to takeoff, all very straight forward I found..handoffs are also simple and clicking the box will also change the frequncy for you. I was told to climb to a specific intial height and head in a paricular direction, then after a while assigned to my cruise level. I had only put in 2 waypoints and ATC directed me on a heading to the first then the second. Now this is where we have a slight issue if you are GA, it assumes you are an airliner and will put you on a long route to line up for the ILS etc, this is because currently it is based on how an Airliner would fly, it may route you 20nm out to capture an inbound course, idea for A320 etc not so good for a little Cessna. This means a short hope of 70nm could end up being 110nm, developer is working on this. Also it's only IFR. Overall though I was impressed but feel I need to test some more and also try with A320/A330 etc to see how that works with their FMS. Below I have added a few pictures, you can assign keys or swicthes if you have something like a TPM to access the speech box, ATC box (tower, center etc) and the box in the bottom left corner, I haven't done this yet as I wanted to try this out. I have read from other users that things like the Missed Approach etc are very good but I have yet to try that. I will try the other options on airports that are in a more open enviroment.
  5. Got this one a while back but I have been too busy to really get to grips with it, and there is also a rather large amount of reading. Anyway took it out today, EGGD - EDDL, using Symaxx Pro v3, MAXX FX and Ventura Sky with weather downloads using NOAA......flight was very good, had 2 issues though. 1st couldnt engage VNAV until we finally got into the cruise....probably me. 2nd FMS was not slowing the AC down so I used MCP Speed knob with AT, it may have been going ok and I just bottled it... Seems more work flying the 737 compared to the A320 but that may well be because I am still learning.... pushback at EGGD all lined up ready to go, I hate XP grass.... turning away from the airport.... 25 minutes and we are up at FL240.... in Germany now and the weather is changing.... getting ready for our landing... Dusseldorf below, airport dead ahead...currywurst und pommes bitte.... spot on, great first flight, really enjoyed it..... thanks for viewing....
  6. Anyone using this?..I have their A320 and really enjoy using it... I see on their site that there is a bit more going on around the 330 and wonder if it runs fine or is resource hungry?....also are they roughly the same standard of finish regarding looks and functionallity...I looked at RWdesigns one but that does not use SIDS and STARS and you have to calculate your TOD..I plan in PFPX so thats not really an issue. Keen to get a 330 but I am wondering about JARS and if its same dtandard as 320 as its not cheap....also most reciews on the web are quite old...you cant beat hinest user feedback... Thanks
  7. External Model - The external model has been accurately modelled using high resolution 3-view drawings of the actual airplane, and painted in exquisite detail with high resolution photo real textures. Fully Interactive, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit - Designed and animated using the same proprietary techniques developed for previous PMDG award-winning product lines, you will truly enjoy the sensation of "being there" when flying this simulator from the fully interactive and animated 3D virtual cockpit. Stunning, high definition photo real textures in the VC truly brings this cockpit to life, and makes the DC-6 look 100% authentic compared to its real world counterpart. Ramp Manager - External objects can be displayed/hidden using the Ramp Manager, adding to the realism and immersion – Tow Bar & Tractor, Wheel Chocks, Pitot Covers, Engine Oil Pans, Mechanic Stands. Here you will also be able to use the quick setup feature to set up the airplane for Cold & Dark, Ready for Start and Ready for Taxi without having to go through the extensive procedures. Great for when you have limited time. Fuel and Loadout Manager – Using the Fuel and Loadout Manager, you will be able to realistically fuel the airplane’s 8 fuel tanks, load the desired number of passengers and amount of cargo for your next flight. Artificial Flight Engineer (AFE) – The AFE can be used to assist you through various phases of flight: Before Start, After Start, Before Take-off, Take-off (Dry or Wet), Cruise, Descent, In Range, Before Landing, After Landing, Parking. During take-off, cruise and descent phases, the AFE will manage the airplane’s power and related settings for you. Maintenance Manager – The Maintenance Manager will allow you to keep track of and manage your airplane’s engine health, propeller hours, engine oil quantities and related fluids such as water/alcohol, auxiliary oil and anti-ice fluids. You will also be able to see the total airframe hours accumulate. Realism Options – You will be able to adjust the airplane’s realism settings to your preference, such as Engine Damage, Realistic Start, Carb Icing, and CB Failures. Save and Load Scenarios – This feature provides you with the ability to save and load 3 different flight scenarios. You will be able to save the airplane in its current state anywhere in the simulator, and then load the scenario again later. Airplane position (lat/long), altitude, speed, switch positions, power setting etc. will be saved and loaded. This is extremely useful for those interrupted transcontinental flights. Just save now and load again later without ruining your progress. Realistic Animations - The animated parts on the DC-6 were carefully researched and faithfully reproduced to match their operation with the actual aircraft. The DC-6 sports realistically animated gear, gear doors, flaps, cowl flaps, fuel dump chutes, passenger doors and cargo doors, as well as main and front cabin exit stairs. In the VC the CA and FO windows and the FE seat works exactly like their real counterparts. All switches, knobs and levers have been animated using actual video footage as reference. Side Icon Bar – The side icons allows you to quickly access the various management screens (ramp manager, fuel & loadout, AFE etc.). Custom Command System – You will be able to assign various switches, levers, knobs and activities to external hardware via the X-Plane command menu. Using this feature will greatly reduce mouse and keyboard usage. Engine Model – The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp CB-16 engine model has been accurately modelled, including realistic engine start, variable carb icing based on precipitation, dew point and OAT, realistic CHT behaviour, oil temperature heat-up and cool-down rates, realistic oil consumption, realistic oil pressure that varies based on oil temperature, water injection detonation suppressant for high-power take-offs, a realistic auto-mixture system correcting for air density and high/low supercharger modes with corresponding effects on critical manifold pressure, altitude and torque. A failure model (optional, can be disabled in Realism Options) is included. Engines are prone to abuse as well as wear and tear when the failure model is enabled. Airplane Systems and Equipment - The DC-6’s systems were reproduced to match the operation of those in the real aircraft, and include: De-icing, Electrical, Engines, Fuel, Hydraulic, Oil, Pressurization, Propellers and Water Injection. Sperry A-12 Automatic Pilot Bendix King KX 155 NAV/COMM Transceiver Bendix King KR 87 ADF Receiver Bendix King KI-227 ADF Indicator Garmin GI-106A GPS/VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator Bendix MN- 61A Marker Beacon System Bendix KT76A Transponder Bendix KMA24 Audio Panel Bendix KDI572 DME Receiver Realistic Fuel System – The fuel system has been accurately modelled, and includes the 8-tank main and alternate fuel system with cross-feed, realistic fuel pressure system and the fuel dump system with accurate dump rates. AC/DC Electrical Bus System – The electrical bus system includes realistic amp draw and voltage, as well as battery drain and charging. Realistic, Immersive Sound Set - To increase the level of realism and immersion, individual switches, levers, knobs, aural warning sounds, and an array of systems sounds were recorded from an actual DC-6 expressly for the purpose of providing total flight deck realism and realistic audio-tactile feedback. The sound set covers every sound you would expect to hear inside the DC-6 cockpit, as well as from the exterior view. Highly realistic effects of the relationship between throttle positions, prop lever positions and engine RPM creates an authentic DC-6 in-cockpit sound experience. Add-on Liveries - As is always the case at PMDG, numerous free add-on liveries are available for a variety of real-world DC-6 operators. Flight Model – The DC-6 flight model has been tested and given the thumbs up by several type rated pilots who are current on type. If they say she flies like a DC-6, we’re not going to argue. More here http://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/XP/dc6.html
  8. From Robert Randazzo.. I would like to share with you the very latest on the PMDG Classics DC-6B by showing you images of this fine new classic airliner simulation in a platform for which PMDG has never previously shown a product: Xplane, by Laminar Research! A lot more detail over on the original post at AVSIM http://forum.avsim.net/topic/463714-03mar15-pmdgs-first-product-for-xplane/ (Thanks to Phil)
  9. Just published is Jess-B's review of the Carenado Cessna 340 II HD Series for X-Plane. A true GA workhorse, how does it perform in X-Plane? Read on...
  10. Copy protection company Uniloc has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Laminar Research, the development company behind X-Plane. Uniloc claims that the Android version of X-Plane infringes patent number 6,857,067 describing a "system and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data." Uniloc is a serial litigator that has filed lawsuits against nearly 80 companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, and Sony. The company contends that its suite of copy protection patents broadly cover common practices for digital software licensing, protection, and activation. More Here http://www.x-plane.com/x-world/lawsuit/
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