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Found 9 results

  1. The fourth World Rally flight is another late afternoon flight, this time in Norway, and is mostly navigation by NDB with some VOR. The route first takes us in a North Easterly direction and eventually North West to terminate at Leirin, Norway. The distance is about 190nm and flight time will be approximately one-hour and twenty minutes. This is a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight, so keep those eyes open! Here's the Flight Plan from Plan-G (Thanks Tim!): It's a wet, windy day at Torp - but visibility is good. Here we are, stowing the gear: Turning towards our first waypoint, the DA ND
  2. The third World Rally flight begins late afternoon in South Africa. and is almost exclusively navigation by NDB. The route is South Westerly from Retief and will terminate at Ficksburg, both cities in South Africa. The distance is about 245nm and flight time will be approximately one-hour and forty minutes. This is a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight and here's the Flight Plan courtesy of Tim Arnott's Plan-G (Version 3 - so no contour shading): Here we are, taking off on a lovely sunny afternoon from Retief: First turn at the VHD NDB: Turning west at the HS NDB: That's Bethlem by t
  3. The second World Rally flight begins in the dawn light at Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and is a mixture of NDB and VOR navigation following a North Easterly route terminating at Tingwall in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The distance is about 234nm and flight time will be approximately one-hour and forty minutes. Here's the Plan-G Flight Plan (Thanks Tim): Sun coming up as we take off from Stornoway: Turning east at the first waypoint: Over the mainland of Scotland, turning at the second waypoint: Heading north from John-O-Groats, bound for the Inner Hebrides: This
  4. The first Leg of the DCA World Rally begins at Bandirma AB on the southern coast of The Marmara Sea in Turkey and traces the coastline east to the end of the lake. From there it becomes an NDB/VOR navigation flight to the north and then west to Corlu AB on the northern coast. The Marmara Sea connects the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea and separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey. The distance is about 165nm and flight time is around seventy minutes. Here's the flight plan - Thanks, Tim! Here we are, taking off from Bandirma AB and stowing the gear: Turning east at the coast of the Mar
  5. This is the last of the 10 Legs of the DCA World Rally, 2011, and takes us over the Andes, from La Rioja, Argentina (SANL) to La Serena, Chile (SCSE). The Flight Plan is IFR - flying between the LAR (LARIOJA) VOR at La Rioja and the TOY (TONGOY) VOR, south of Las Tacas (SCQT), before heading north east towards La Serena (SCSE). Here's the Flight Plan: Gear going up after take off from runway 03: Turning at 'Ghost Lake' - Lago Fantasmas: Picking up the LAS VOR as we return over La Rioja: Leaving the 236 degree radial from LAS and turning to TOY VOR: Highest point on the roof of t
  6. The penultimate Leg of the DCA Rally starts above the Arctic Circle at Bettles (PABT) and takes us to the northern coast of Alaska at Oliktok Point (POLI). Here's the Flight Plan, thanks to Tim's Plan-G: The Dizzie is firing on all 28 cylinders (hope that's right!), all the heaters are blasting away, so let's go: Turning north after the climb out from Bettles: That's Wild Lake below: Turning at Anaktuvuk Pass (PAKP): After an hour of nursing the engines, trying to prevent them from completely icing up (OAT less than 20 degrees negative), here we are making the turn at Ugnu-Kupa
  7. Home ground at last for this years DCA World Rally - Cambeltown, Scotland (EGEC) to London City, England (EGLC). An early start - well, bl**dy 5.30 a.m., actually! The sun ain't up yet: From Scotland, we fly towards Carlisle - here's the first turn to TRN VOR: No sun, yet, but a nice "moon shot": Turning south at the TRN VOR: No one's up in Windermere - no SUnderlands around, either! Over the Pennines and turning at Poll Hill - POL VOR: Here are some early risers racing along the M62: Dawn coming up over Chesterfield - too far to see the twisted spire, though: Turning
  8. Well, here we go again with the DCA World Rally. This is Leg 7 - a medium length flight of 192 miles in the middle of the day, from Iloilo (RPVI) to Nonoc (RP13) in the Philippines. This is the Flight Plan from Plan-G (Thanks again, Tim): Departing Iloilo - gear going up: Turning to 111 degrees for Negros: This is Barcolod airport: The island of San Crlos: Lapu Lapu airport: This is the island of Limasawa: Making the turn at the SU NDB: Nonoc in sight - gear down: Short-ish Final: And we're on the tarmac at RP13: The screen shots make it look an uneventful fli
  9. The challenge in this series of 10 flight legs is to understand the convoluted workings of the organiser! Like GARSA, you get a narrative for each Leg of the Rally and have to work out how to navigate correctly from start to finish. Now, I thought this Leg would be straightforward - after all, we'd just returned from Andrew's GARSA in Colombia and this Leg finished at San Luis (SKIP) just as th 4th GARSA Leg did. But I was wrong... Here we are taking off from Guillermo Leon Valencia (SKPP) - at just under 10000 feet, the old Dizzie kept stalling until I reduced the mixture to a bare minimum.
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