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Found 4 results

  1. The latest release from Just Flight is the HS 748 Propliner for FSX/P3D and is now available to purchase from the Just Flight site. The HS 748 Propliner brings you the Series 2A variant in 16 liveries. The detailed VC features 3D instruments and a comprehensive avionics suite which includes a GNS 430 and a realistic, easy-to-use autopilot with pitch and bank hold. Priced at £24.99 / €30.95 / $37.99 we’re offering double Rewards points until 10am (UK time) on Friday 9 December. Full details on the product can be found here: http://justflight.com/product/hs-748-propliner
  2. This weeks review is from one of our new recruits, Kasper Hanselman. Kasper puts the CBFSIM Hawker Siddeley HS748 through its paces to see if it can still cut the mustard with payware titles. Read the review here
  3. Hi all! I suppose I should post these shots of Leg 4 in the good old HS748, since it flies over my house! But more on that later We start off in the Isle of Man, at Rondalsway airport. Nice weather, especially since Leg 3. That bodes well, for later Prepping the engines, we get ready You can see the alteration to the HS748 panel - just the FTime gauge. The TCAS-like radar was default Engines starting Just looking around the AI and found this: It's a nice aircraft! And so, for only the second time, the engines are advanced without full brakes holding her down, we lift off Gear up Fully up Turning for the Emerald Isle Landfall Dublin (EIDW) is just visible to the left, and Poolbeg Towers (a welcome sight to any person returning to Ireland). Sadly, they were blown up a few years ago Weston airport ahead - it was quite a nice GA airport, but it closed last year First sight of Portlaoise in the distance Racing down the M7 on the right, with the railway line to the left. This is around Kildare (well, should be!) Turning around at Portlaoise Here's an explaination of the area Flying over the M7 junction marked out above Goodbye Ireland Gear down as we approach Llandber Finals It's amazing how slow this thing will land at - just look at the speeds! Stopped And that's all folks! Enjoy!
  4. Hi all! I think these are first first shots from a non-planning view point, so I hope you enjoy. The test flight was undertaken from Southampton (EGHI) to Gatwick (EGKK), overflying the two airports with timing between the two airports. I chose, for some reason, the Hawker Siddeley/Avro/British Aerospace/BAe HS.748 Mk1 (or just the 748). The paint is in Ryanair. To give you a quick history, c/n 1549 is a HS.748 Series 1/106. Built as G-MRRV, it served with Dan-Air, British Independent Airways and Ryanair. So here we are, on the runway at Southampton A view of the VC Rolling Good - my Flybe AI package is working Gear up Turning aorund to get hight This reminded me of a press shot Time started, we are leaving Southampton behind Hope we won't have to use this later Gatwick in the distance Overhead, stop the clock! On finals You don't hear that often! Touchdown, passing a more modern Ryanair And finally, just to prove it'll fit out of Shoreham! Total time - 11.59 - cruising speed 220kts! Bit faster than last year's 90kts in the Dragon Rapide! Kieran
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