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Found 2 results

  1. I probably need an education in the art of searching the archives. I tried numerous methods of searching for a solution to my problem and all result in a billion hits for "Radio" or "tune" or "won't". Rats! Here's my problem: Had to change out my hard drive so I had a 1TB SSD cloned with the contents of my old HDD drive - this is the drive that contained (contains) FSX. Added to that it has been a year since I used the software (health issues, thankfully behind me for the time being). So I go to fire up my trusty Beaver and immediately notice that the special gauges (Aerosoft DHC-2) are missing from the panel - empty holes. Strange. OK - deal with that later. Obviously some reference missing somewhere. No time for that now. Change aircraft - why not the Stock FSX C172? All seems to be in good nick - all gauges present and accounted for and in their traditional locations. Fire up the rascal and start my pre-taxi litany - tune ATIS......wait! Tuning knobs don't do anything. Clicking on the digital numbers doesn't do anything. Whisky Tango Foxtrot! Reboot FSX - same problem Reboot computer then FSX - same problem. Delve into the guts of the panel.cfg file and the aircraft.cfg file - all as it should be. Next stop is to check out Appdata\yada\yada\yada - configuration files present and accounted for - all seems to be in order. During the process I noticed a few other things; nothing is tunable. The DG isn't moveable, the OBS on the VOR does nothing, the Kollsman window doesn't change on the Altimeter. ??? Any ideas??? March
  2. DECEMBER 11, 2015: It’s the holidays and Sky Blue Radio is back with the “12 Days of Sky Blue Radio”! This will be the seventh year of our holiday giveaway contest, where lucky listeners can win a holiday gift from Sky Blue Radio courtesy of contest our sponsors. Over $1000 in prizes will be awarded. Entering is easy, When we play the 5 “Christmas Hooks”, identify the 5 songs by title and artist. The “Christmas Hooks” sound bite will be played at regular intervals during the giveaway period. Just listen to Sky Blue Radio during the “12 Days of Sky Blue Radio” from December 12th through December 24th, and when you hear the “Christmas Hooks”, identify the songs and the artists of as many songs as you can. Then, email your entry to contest@skyblueradio.com and include your name, age, email address and daytime phone number. Even partial answers could win. Listeners may enter up to five times, increasing your odds of winning. Be sure to include at least one “Christmas Hooks” song answer in your email! Check us out at www.skyblueradio.com for contest details and rules, which will be posted on the home page and keep it locked in to Sky Blue Radio for a chance for a great holiday gift from Sky Blue Radio to you. Listeners can tune in to Sky Blue Radio by accessing our website at www.skyblueradio.com Listeners may also tune in via their Flight Simulator comm 2 radios on 123.45 with our Free Wee Tune Beastie desktop application available for download on our website. We also are available via Black Berry, Android or Apple mobile devices through the TuneIn Application.
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