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Found 51 results

  1. Pre Order BLACK MARBLE with 25% Discount NOW!!! more info Black Marble website can be found here http://blackmarble.chrisbelldesigns.com/ half way through you will see our gallery, this is a swipe gallery carousel (you can also grab with a mouse click and swipe) loaded with 50+ images; swipe to the image preview you want to see and click on it for full size view, you can also swipe back and forth within the album once you're in it in full view! don't miss out on our Black Marble 25% introductory Pre-Order Discount!!!
  2. we have now published all new Night Environment v1.8.0 installers for Prepar3D v4, the new installers can be purchased through our new Night Environment website here http://www.nightenvironment.com/ or directly from our new Shop here https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/
  3. Night Environment Spain v1.71 Released! Aerosoft following up the recent update lineup with Night Environment Spain; a long awaited update and major version update for the region, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards... Read more here
  4. Night Environment Dubai v1.71 (UAE) Released! Aerosoft following up the recent update lineup with Night Environment Dubai, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards... Read more here
  5. Night Environment Norway v1.71 Released! Night Environment Norway is finally getting a long waites face lift from Aerosoft, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards; including... Read more here
  6. Night Environment Benelux v1.71 Released! Night Environment Benelux, our first region and the one that started it all is finally getting a face lift from Aerosoft, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards; including... Read more here
  7. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX, http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/101126-aerosoft-night-environment-alps-now-with-p3d-v3-support/
  8. Aerosoft Night Environment British Isles been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX,
  9. Aerosoft Night Environment California v1.7 Released!!! http://forums.nightenvironment.com/blogs/entry/6-night-environment-california-v17-released/
  10. Aerosoft Night Environment Dubai v1.7 Released!!! (UAE) http://forums.nightenvironment.com/blogs/entry/5-night-environment-dubai-v17-released/
  11. Aerosoft Night Environment British-Isles v1.7 Update Released!!! The update to version 1.7 adds NEXM manager that allows you to select how many lights are seen through NEXM GUI and will make it far easier to use. the new version isn’t just a rewrap, it is a completely new architecture, no more multiple folders, we have a single folder now, the new version also includes beside the reengineered architecture and NEXM manager; a new and improved light libraries, and many enhancement to come in the near future through the new architecture; like volumetric lighting, new light shapes, variable light size, new light colors, adjustable light intensity and much more. The new version is a free of charge update to our existing customers! About NEXM http://www.nightenvironment.com/nexm.html Night Environment British-Isles
  12. Aerosoft Night Environment Massachusetts v1.7 with NEXM Released! http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=96556 Team Creative Design Studios are proud to present - Night Environment Massachusetts with v1.7 Architecture and NEXM, Massachusetts is a New England state known for its significant Colonial history. There are 45 airports available to the public in Massachusetts. Of all the International airports in Massachusetts, the Gen Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is the only international airport. More than 40 airlines fly from this airport, including Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Cape Air, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Express, Air Mexico, Air Jamaica, JetBlue Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Midwest, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Finnair, and Icelandair. Almost 20 million people travel through Logan International Airport annually.
  13. NIght Environment Germany has been updated to v1.7; the update include a brand new Architecture and NEXM Support
  14. Flight simulation and Optimizing night time flights Generally speaking out of the box fresh sim install is mainly geared towards day time flights; With very little regards to night flying, Setting up for a proper day time flight requires allot of attention to detail; from setting up controls, weather conditions, scenery complexity, vehicle, and visual add-on’s This process could take one few months to get comfortable with his environment settings and gear, it’s a tedious task many of us take to extreme (to say the least!), your day time flight environment is balanced perfectly for the day; at the same time is also consuming the same resources at night; not leaving much room for night time add-on’s, There is a misconception that when night falls its dark anyway; what’s there to see? Optimize…? What’s there to tweak different then day time when you barely see anything? The last statement is the general concept most have when it comes to night flights; bear in mind that up to not long ago, night flying didn’t really exists to the extent it’s been developed in the past several years, the original developer never envisioned such transformation that it never was an area of much interest; but recent developments allow us now to fully have VFR night flights; while looking out the window at real world vector data, before we continue deeper into this article; remember the first few sentences I started with; the sim's night environment deserves now as much attention as day time does to fully enjoy todays night add-on’s, many day time element are not visible at night, to redirect resources; some settings can be adjusted towards an optimized environment for night flights, if we start by going through the settings in FSX/SE/P3D configuration tabs; let’s have a look at Weather Tab, consider that a normal human eyes can perceive natural lights in the real world (depending on conditions and alt) 60-100 miles away in optimal conditions, adding clouds at night beyond the minimum slider potion is pointless at night; as well as drawing high detail clouds; and every other related daytime eye candy, moving to the Scenery tab, Mesh complexity and Mesh Resolution both can be significantly reduced, you will not see the added vertices drawn at night or a fine mountain contours and subtleties, A mesh complexity of 30 with mesh resolution of 76-38 should be more than sufficient for night flight, Texture resolution… at night? Do I need to extend on this one? Same goes for Water Effect, These are not visible at night; there is no need to extend resourced for these features at night, Scenery Complexity and Autogen Density shouldn’t exceed Normal for night fight, In Aircraft Tab, Shadows aren’t really visible at night; it is recommended to turn shadows off, but to each his own, In Graphics Tab I personally like the visuals at night with antialiasing switched off These are just few very basic guidelines for optimizing your night time flights The goal behind this is to free resources that aren’t used during night; you can dig more and find many creative way to conserve resources at night, Many third party add-ons can also have their day time settings optimized for night; using the same logic, Believe it or not, your unused aircraft adds up to the global VAS usage regardless of day or night, I keep my unused aircraft in a folder I make called “hangar” with the same structure that’s inside SIM\SimObjects\ ; I keep this folder under SimObjects folder, this where 99% of my aircrafts are in (including default), If you only fly in a predefined area like US, or UK etc… There is no need to load the whole world every time you go for a local flights! The last two advisories will decrease sim's load time significantly; as well as reduce your initial VAS consumption in general! Before we go into more technical detail; no one is expecting you to manually go through each and every one of these setting each time you go for a flight, Yet… It is unreasonable to assume that with today’s add-on’s our sim’s should work regardless what we install in it; we have HD textures, as well as HD Photoreal, and HD mesh and so much more than what initially thought of, one must remember that we are still bound to 3.6GB usable VAS memory space allowed by x86 (32bit) application platform; the name of the game here is balance; you have to balance your memory consumption to accommodate everything you want in your current flight, This is the time to mention SimStarter By Developer - Peter Rosendhal. http://aviation.pero-online.de/ i highly recommend using SimStarter to create various startup profiles; to speed up your fsx load times; and general performance tweaks; you can create many profiles that launch you right into your preconfigured flight without wasting time; you can customize all the above settings and much more from a single GUI interface; you will have complete control over all of Sim’s elements; , scenery.cfg, fsx/se/p3d.cfg as well as many third party add-on’s settings, save your setting to a profile on your desktop, and with one click; SimStarter will put you on the runway with all the preconfigured environmental settings you selected for that profile, SimStarter is a free and can be found here – http://aviation.pero-online.de/wordpress/?page_id=105 ; there are many tutorials on how to configure SimStarter to hook into third party add-on’s; please don’t forget donate to help Peter continue his development on this magnificent irreplaceable tool! Note that these guidelines should be used for day time flight as well as night time flight to maximize your Sim potential and VAS pool, how to make out what these xxxx.Base folders in scenery editor correspond to? When selecting which scenery to keep active from the default scenery list; a common question that will come up is… how do I know which areas to deactivate from the default scenery list, they are named Base.xxx with no distinction? Here how… the world is divided into a grid, and the scenery for each grid rectangle is stored in a separate folder, named rrcc Base, where rr is the row in the grid (from 0 to 7), and cc the column (from 0 to 11). first image showing FSX scenery grid, the second showing corresponding folders in Sim\Scenery Few Sim corks to be aware of Starting a daytime flight then switching to nighttime through sim controls will cost you precious RAM space, In the first image below, a random flight was loaded with daytime Simstarter profile, The following image shows the same flight same position; switched to night time from within sim controls; Yes I know the image is dark; the point is to show RAM usage between the first two, and the third one In the Third image we start a preconfigured nighttime flight through a customized Simstarter profile Note: the last two images have the exact same settings; they were simply loaded in a different way! if there’s something I neglected to mentioned please feel free to discuss; Looking forward to hear some feedback from you guys, Happy Flying
  15. Time Lapse Bordeaux - Night Environment V2
  16. P47 Thunderbolt simulator over Night Environment France (not my video, but i had to show it off )
  17. Aerosoft Night Environment Florida v1.7 has just been Released! this release is the first to include our new v1.7 architecture designed for NE.X.Manager announcement http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/95283-night-environment-florida-released/ Product page http://www.nightenvironment.com/florida.html here are few shoots to start your appetite (shown with Jo Erlend Daytona-Beach)
  18. Team Creative Design Studios and Aerosoft are very proud to announce the release of - Night Environment France with v2 Architecture and NEXM, our long awaited project is now available; Over 4 years of cumulative development are expressed through this amazing production of France night environment, more details available here and here
  19. Aerosoft Night Environment New York Independent Review Published by Nels_Anderson (FlightSim.com) Review Author: Justin Cogo "In the above picture Manhattan is clearly visible, but can you notice something different about the scenery? Do some large parts of the scenery look much different than other parts? If you answered yes then you're correct! On the left New Jersey looks like default FSX scenery, but Manhattan and the rest of New York look somewhat more refined and colorful. New York State's night-scenery is updated with real topographic databases and using 3D-light modelling New York State's night scenery has been revolutionized!"... full review here - http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?15825
  20. Night Environment X Configuration Manager development is now completed, after 4 years of dedicated development, we give you the mother of all Night Lighting Systems... NEXM you can find detailed information and more screenshots on our dedicated NEXM page here
  21. Aerosoft Night Environment France - Paris Preview!
  22. Aerosoft Night Environment - Pennsylvania Released! We decided to follow up Night Environment Connecticut / Rhodes Island quickly with Pennsylvania. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=92561
  23. we continue our N.A. coverage with... Aerosoft Night Environment - Connecticut & Rhode Island these two regions are packed together as one! Enjoy http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=92332
  24. and... queue Night Environment USA! NA here we are we start with Night Environment New-York and New-Jersey millions of lights, making VFR night flights fully possible! As always fully compatible with all other addon scenery. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/91825-night-environment-new-york-and-new-jersey/
  25. Aerosoft Night Environment Poland announced!!! 4,207,932 Lights! we are also testing under FSX STEAM for this release. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=90628
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