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Found 46 results

  1. jaydor

    Carenado C172

    Avaiable for download: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52603-carenado-c172-n1357e/
  2. Almost ready for release, including a sports edition cabin:
  3. On turnaround at Palm Springs Calif. McKinnon at Southampton
  4. Where it all started way back in the days of FSX 2000. The San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor.
  5. Released in the last few days for free. The Ultimate 737-700. No paintkit available yet, but that did not stop me.. My first paint for it... Airnation with Nevada branding...
  6. Airnation: my own Va..
  7. [Fiction] This is the story line. The Board at the IAG (Iberia + British Airways + Air Nostrum) International Airline Group, have decided to enter the low fare market and compete against the like of Ryanair, Easyjet, WOW etc,. So they have purchased 19 Boeing 737-800 fitted with LEAP engines and Scimitar's to inaugurate the service. The service will be operated in it's own name but come under Air Nostrum for operation and cost's. (European tax advantage) The name of the Airline is Trans European, and carries it's own new branding, including advertising branding for extra revenue. The airline for Simmers, will be any Euro route you chose. Green cockpit interior lighting.
  8. Iberia Regional at Barcelona with WT3: Note the LEAP engines fitted. Although Iberia do not have the 737 simmers licence allows it to be done for X Plane...
  9. Denver Daily Latest news report's.. Medical services were called to a aircraft at Denver Airport today. A patient had been taken ill on the flight from Salt Lake City and was rushed to Denver Memorial. A spokesman later stated that the patient had been discharged and was now staying with relatives in the city. photo: Post Staff reporter photograph.
  10. Southwest Airlines last 737-800NGX N8583Z gated on C32 at Denver. SWA will be adding 738MAX for all new orders. Daytime: Nightime: You can get the aircraft paint here [freeware]: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48560-zibo-737-800-331-xp-1130-southwest-airlines-n8583z/ Denver KDEN is available here [payware]: https://store.x-plane.org/KDEN--Denver-International-Airport-HD_p_904.html
  11. Jaydors re-paints for X-Plane link: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/profile/561064-jaydor/content/&type=downloads_file
  12. So before I knew about this section of the forum and how other people are chronicalling there adventures, I started the first part of this thread here: [unofficial] GAAR 2016 Leg 01 However now I (think) I understand how this works, I'm going to chronicle my adventures in a single thread per area. This one for the 2016 GAAR another for the NZAR 2016 etc. Anyway, go read the first part if you haven't already and I'll get on with the next part of the journey.
  13. After (unofficially) completing the MEBAR I've decided to use another Air Rally as a chance to learn more about our hobby and a new airframe. Now in this particular instance my choice of plane is completely against the theme and I'm sure the intent of the GAAR originally organised by Bluegrass Airlines and I believe our very own @Andrew Godden (please forgive me but I haven't gotten my old birds in the hanger yet and I really wanted something to learn the systems on this baby.), who I will just have to beg his forgiveness and indulgence, however I have decided to use the C-17 Globemaster III by Virtavia (On sale now! http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=19714&cat=635&page=1) Why did I choose the GAAR then if I was going to go almost against the whole idea? I was born and bread in Far North Qld and the GAAR actually stops in Normanton where my parents have returned to after several years away. (Thankfully I now live in Melbourne) I had a BLAST on the MEBAR and have since gotten the routes from several rally's that I hope to use for my own intents I don't have any suitable craft in the Hanger at the moment but I am very much eyeing off the Khamsin Bundle on the Org Store: http://store-x-plane-org.3dcartstores.com/Warbirds--Khamsin-Complete-Package_p_523.html Ohhh... and I had to change the time to normal day instead of the 0500 start as, for some reason, X-Plane thinks that it's pitch black in Darwin at 0500 in February. I know from personal experience in "the top end" that it is VERY MUCH day light at that time of year. At any rate, after many failed attempts to get this bird of the ground ( I kept crashing after takeoff for some reason) and going through the cold and dark procedure each time during this weekend, tonight (Sunday) I decided I had earned a cheat and lined myself up on Runway 29, had a successful takeoff and got myself turned around and headed to the first checkpoint YPTN Katherine. Hmm that's weird. En route I noticed those flying pieces of geo on the C-17. Unfortunately this plane was made for XP10 and there have been a few changes in XP11 and I don't think the Devs (Virtavia) are supporting their older birds, but I'm going to ask anyway. OK There she is on the 141 radial for the TN VOR, sleepy town of Katherine NT, well it's airport YPTN really as I've already passed over the township itself less than a minute ago with a ground speed of about 270kn 25mins later and we touchdown at YNGU Ngukurr and then use the mighty reverse thrust on the C-17 to backup the runway and park our bird. C-17 pilots will use the reverse thrust in this way after landing if needed to get the bird into position for cargo unloading. D'Oh, just went to upload an image from Plan-G showing my crazy attempts at, first trying to sight the damn airfield and then trying to slow the Globemaster down. LOL I overshot 3 times before I finally landed and then only just kept myself on the runway. Learning, learning, learning. She's NOTHING like the Let L-410 I flew in the MEBAR, but we have some time to get to know each other. Looking forward to more of this and I hope Andrew forgives my adjustment to his Rally
  14. I've always loved flying. Ever since I was a kid and was allowed into the cockpit of our flight from Townsville (YBCS) to Perth (YPPH), damn I'm going to have to fly that route now... anyway, always loved it and have dabbled with Flight Sims over the years but since we bought our home last October I finally got my self a decent SimPit and have hit the sims in a big way. But I digress. after a passionate stay with Euro/American Truck Sim I finally got into Flight Sims and have been looking for something to really sink my teeth into as a good way to learn different aspect of flying and I stumbled upon the MEBAR after watching one of Froogle's YT vids. WOW, ok so cruising up the coast of Chile, yea that could be fun. Oh that's a really great looking plane for X-Plane, ok I'll fly that. Hmmm Ortho4XP.. yea I can do that! And so I found myself, ensconced in my Man Cave, with Wampa the Snow Dog (samoyed) beside me, a reef of airport sheets, the MEBAR run and weather sheets and a bunch of excitement to start. Leg 01 of my own personal Odessey had begun and what an amazing place to start! I honestly think I spent more time gawping at the amazing scenery and taking screenshot after screenshot than I did flying the damn plane (helps that the L410 is so nice to fly!). But I'm sure you can forgive me, especially when we passed one of our biggest waypoints of the trip. Leg 01 also lulled us into a false sense of security as all I can say about Leg 02 is thank goodness I was wearing my BROWN pants! Departure from SCNT was ok, a bit of water but otherwise fine. However what awaited us in the skies would leave us quaking in our jimmies for most of the flight! CLOUDS! And worse still... MOUTAINS IN THE CLOUDS!! At one point I managed to find a break in the clouds and decided to descend under the cloud cover as it should be "easier" WRONG After rounding the horn to the right I then proceeded to fly by instruments alone for a good 10 mins before finally breaking through. All this at an altitude of 1500' And ahh.... I kinda called BS @ SCHR and did not even attempt my touch and go there... BECAUSE IT WAS COVERED IN CLOUD!! I citied safety of my craft and crew for my failure to Touch N Go and I'm sticking to that. (it's just over that rise apparently) And then, when I'd FINALLY crested the last mountain.. the clouds parted and showed me nirvana, a clear run to SCCC. PHEW, made it. Many brews were drank that night! These two legs actually took me several days to fly due to Darth RealLife(tm) But I did manage to get a real good understanding of Ortho4XP and managed to find an EXCELLENT site for Freeware sceneries for Chile https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1DaqLfwaq0jnMxREy02Hh-MkiQCI&hl=en_US&ll=-32.961907060261204%2C-84.0956185&z=3
  15. This MD-80 is a most accurate replica of the popular aircraft, specifically the MD-88 variation. The realism of the 3D model and texture work is pure and delightful eye candy. The advanced systems simulation makes a solid experience for the exacting simmer. -> Precise flight model and fine tuned engine performance -> Developed with the advice and counseling from MD-80 licensed pilots -> Works great on all three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux Custom Flight Management System (FMS) and Automatic Flight Route, departures and arrivals procedures (SIDs and STARs) Save and load route to/from text file Performance management, cost index and optimal altitude and speed calculation Custom VNAV. Climb, cruise and descend management with altitude and speed restrictions Takeoff and approach speed management Custom Navigation Display Improved autopilot with specific horizontal and vertical modes All EPR performance modes Flight Mode Annunciator Aerosoft NavDataPro (2014) included (for updated database third party subscription is needed) Detailed simulation of systems Power plant Electrical Pneumatic and pressurization Slat/flap controls with dial-a-flap feature Takeoff trim computer Customized alert and failures Hyper-realistic visuals Highly detailed 3D cockpit, passenger cabin and exterior model Normal and specular maps for enhanced detail Thorough HD day and night textures Accurate animations, including wing flex animation All external and internal lights Liveries: A set of ten ultra-high resolution liveries, including a paintkit Custom sounds 3D sound engine with stereo and doppler effects High quality multi-layered engine sounds Cockpit ambient and custom alerts More here http://store.x-plane.org/Rotate-MD-80_p_441.html and here http://rotatesim.com/
  16. Just released is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review of FlyJSim's 727 Series for X-Plane. A nice suite of aircraft including the -100, -200 and cargo variants, so how does this trendy trijet perform? Read on...
  17. Just published is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review of the Carenado Beechcraft B1900D For X-Plane. Does the quality and performance of this aircraft live up to Carenado's legendary standard? Read on...
  18. Just Published is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review of JARDesign Group's Airbus A320neo of X-Plane, Jess has been flying the 320neo for several weeks and gives us her impressions of this simulation. Read on...
  19. There's a demo of X-plane 10 available for download at the X-plane website. Edit: And judging by some of the files downloaded by the installer it comes with the Saab AJ37 Viggen!!
  20. Just published is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review of Beti-X's CZST - Stewart for X-Plane Can this scenery package be as good, or better than its FS cousins quality? Read on
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