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FSX does not get past the splash screen?

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In fairness to fsglobal I am sure this didnt come from them it just came to light when assesing their product , I have no idea where zoomex came from  but there are lots of people on the internet who promise to get rid of it for you and after much time searching for all its components they then put a gun to your head and demand payment, no guarantee that it will be eradicated though!! so I refused to cough up.


I hate these companies that advertise a "free" way of getting rid of malware/viruses only to find that after an hour of your pc time their program comes to an end and says it will remove the offending article if you pay!! this isn't free in my book, So I put two fingers to them and did it myself.


If you want to discover if you have zoomex simply look into your program data directory if it is there, you have it! and the longer you have it the more havoc it causes. it causes programs to hang or run very slowly and more slowly until after a few months they stop.

The other way to discover it is to use task manager and see if it is running.


the eradication takes a while but is straight forward reboot in safe mode with networking and remove all signs of it in windows explorer then use regedit to remove all traces however on the first pass through there are some files that regedit cant remove  so this requires a second pass through this normally works, however a third pass through will confirm it.

Once you have finished reboot in the normal way and install something like a free registry cleaner and this will remove all the loose ends.


It is apparent that I have had this malware for some time judging by its dates and the slow reduction in performance isnt noticeable straight away however after 3 months it finally dawns on you all is not well.

my p.c now is flying once again in more than one way.


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Hi guys, I don't know what security software you use but I use microsoft security essentials and iobit advanced system care and both these programs keep my computers running nice and smooth. Iobit has a free version and a paid pro version, I use the paid version as it unlocks many extras like defragger, reg cleaner, internet booster, games booster(it turns off all unnecessary background processes) the ram cleaner is part of the free version and also a brilliant uninstaller than will uninstall a program then will look for any other files that are left in registry. If any are interested the site is http://www.iobit.com/

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I have used norton for 15 years and never had a problem i also use spybot and adaware but somehow this thing this thing snuck under the radar.

I dont use M.S. security essentials because it had such awful reviews in the mags and since writing my last thread above i found the same crap on my windows 8 HD this morning and that only had security essentials as protection so clearly some malware can still get past most progs

forewarned is forearmed !

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Thanks for all the info, it's much appreciated, although having done a complete format of all my hdds, I doubt I'm going to have any probs for a while.

Many thanks and happy flying.

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