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Where is the best place to open your main base?

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It's very much a matter of personal preference, though islands or isolated areas where there are few airfields of the size desired within the radius of your desired job distances are a poor choice. 


AH will find jobs for you almost no matter where you position yourself but will do best and will deliver the maximum variety and most often provide the kinds of flights you prefer where the airport density is fairly high.  The US, southern Canada and most all of Europe are very good places to set up shop.  If you like bush flying, it's hard to beat Alaska, NW Canada and the Pacific NW area of the US.



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For me, it was part of my past. I chose a base that had a special personal meaning for me.


If I were to start a second company, I might go to somewhere I have never been just to learn about a new place.


The wonderful thing about AH is that, if you don't like where you started, you can always start over somewhere else. It took me several tries till I found my home :)


No matter what....have fun !!!!!!

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It's been a while since I was active in AH, but back around the time around when AH was released I tended to look for old abandoned Air Force bases to use as the starting location..


At least in Europe that usually meant low establishing cost/monthly rent even if it was a lighted airport with ILS available...


The first base I ever established was at in the north of France, if I remember correct it was LFQI Cambrai Epinoy Airport.. a great place to start as it turned out since there's plenty of airports of various sizes in pretty close proximity so you can get a bunch of flights done in a short period of time...


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Hi dj,

If you're looking for short hauls then look for an area that has a lot of nearby airports (obviously) the more nearby the more jobs generated! If you want long haul then you need a base with a long enough runway. Just look for an area you like and hunt around for a base that you can afford every month and still have spare cash for fuel / damage repairs etc. Good look with the AH addiction!


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