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No, I'm afraid you can't make it go away.  You can, however, keep it manageable by careful flying during self-flown flights and by carefully selecting, monitoring and managing AI pilots.  You can't eliminate it completely but you can minimize it to some extent.



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That's also part of the fun. My wife can't believe how much I piss and moan about repair costs during dinner. "Honey", she says, "it's only a game." HA!!!! What little she knows...these people are costing me money !!!!!!!


Took me a while to weed out the bad pilots....and sometimes you just have to keep the good one's who just happen to have a bad day. One of my test pilots must have drove hers into the side of a mountain because it cost me over a half a million to repair it but she makes me a lot of money when she's sober so I keep her around.


That's what I like about AH....it's no longer a game; it's what I do :)

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One trick that I now use in the case of my AI fleet is to get the pilot to fly the damaged aircraft to one of my owned bases before repairing it. That way you only get charged around 50% of the repair cost. It can save heaps.


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I've lived through the teething problems that new AI pilots seem to have. Once they've been working for you for a (longish) period they seem to improve. My oldest hire is Lauren (Crash) Pethard. She came by the nickname honestly. However, We've stuck together and she only delivers the occasional - once a month sort of schedule - $4000++ bobble in her DC-3. All of my pilots have been with me now for over three months. All are 100%'ers. Except for the newest hire all are captains or above. The newest hire and I share the ignoble position of First Officer.


I've only ever fired one. He was a CPL ME/IR and was hired with an 86% record and did about $20K damage in his first month. He was flying the RG-182. That kind of damage on an RG takes talent. Unfortunately, for him, I saw the light and terminated his contract before month two.


Today, my youngest (read newest) pilot brought a Beaver home at 97%. That's an $1800 hit on the bottom line. However, she also brought home $17,000 in receipts. Ah well! Rub my neck and write 'em a cheque (as B. Joel might say). The Beaver is back, it's fixed, and we fly tomorrow.


Repairs are running 9.7% of expenditures and seem to have leveled out in that region - budget for it.  

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