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Black Magic

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DH-88 Comet, G-ACSP Black Magic. One of three similar aircraft built to take part in the 1934 London to Melbourne air race. This one was later sold to Portugal and was rediscoverd in 1979. It is currently undergoing a very slow restoration. http://www.cometracer.co.uk/  The design of the DH-88 led directly to the famous Mosquito in WW2.

The model is one of the default FS2004 aircaft which rarely sees light of day,(simply because it doesn't fit in with any of the scenarios that I operate in!) anyway, hope you like the results.

Parked with her sistership Grosvenor House


Starting engines


Taxy out


lift off


climbing away


Buzzing Old Warden


up close and personal


Black Magic Sunset


thanks for viewing


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Nice set of shots Alan of a great looking aircraft, it would be something special to see her fly. :thumbup: for real.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated. I don't often use the default aircraft but this one is rather nice. 

Brett, The Tucker Torpedo was a superb car, I've always got a soft spot for the late 40s and 50s cars, they seemed to reflect the age of the new jet aircraft in their styling and just looked superb. Probably my favourite was the 59 Cadillac Eldorado, Huge great thing with massive tail fins,and tail lights that looked like afterburners! Awesome!


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I've got a beautiful pink and white one at home here, together with a 58 version in Bronze. both about 15 inches long!. fabulous cars!

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