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DLH3536 - Frankfurt to Vienna (cut short)

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Hi all,

I'm a bit annoyed really. This was turning out to be an incredibly good flight on Vatsim - busy skies, plenty of controllers, lovely sunset, all the things you could want really. However I have been having graphics card issues in FS9 recently and these, after annoying me on and off throughout, finally brought the flight to an abrubt end with a BSOD just as I started the descent.

Anyway, there are more than enough shots here for a regular post - I got a bit carried away with the sunset - so after sleeping on it I have decided to post them anyway. They are all unedited except cropped to remove the Squakbox readings from the top, and on some I have cropped the PBrakes message from the bottom too. Enjoy!

Flight DLH3536

Frankfurt (FRA) - Vienna (VIE)

B737-300, D-ABEB

Parked at Frankfurt, waiting for the jetway to reach us.


After having to wait for it, we taxied out behind the Thomas Cook 757.


A German Air Express 767 was breathing down our necks before we knew it. EDDF is always busy on Vatsim.


We had initially been given runway 18 and a NOMBO3S departure, but during our taxi ATC changed it to 07L and a NOMBO3A departure.


Holding short for a landing A330 as the GEA plane takes off ahead.


A spotter in the tower got this picture of us lining up.


Soaring into the early evening sky. I was surprised at how powerful the takeoff felt even though I had de-rated the power quite a lot.


Same as before, but this time looking out over the left wing at EDDF.


One of my favourites. Climbing out and turning over the city of Frankfurt.


Continuing our SID and still climbing.


Sun beginning to set now, giving a lovely view to those on the right side of the plane.


Seen from the outside.


Making our way towards the German-Austrian border now, ATC kept busy with a lot of aircraft in this area.


This is probably my favourite shot of the set. Banking above the border, with Austria below us and our contrails forming a graceful arc.


The sky becoming more vibrant now as the sun sets even further.


Another turn and just about to start our descent. Lovely weather for flying.


Passing through FL290, shortly before the blue screen of death took over.


Hope you enjoyed all. I think I have sorted the BSOD issue, reset my overclocking (for now!) and replaced the graphics drivers. I'm off for 2 weeks over Easter so hopefully I will be able to post a few full flights then. Thanks for looking, and comments are welcome as always.


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You do have an eye for photos, and apparently, the hardware to support some excellent quality graphics. Very nice.


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Your shots just get better and better, would you mind posting a few under my name :dance:

I'm so pleased you have got you flight sim up and running properly again.


Joe, aka Mutley who cannot post under his own name at the moment :???:

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