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RYR2713: Madrid - Dublin (loooooooong post)

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Hi all,

Flew MAD-DUB tonight (on Vatsim of course!) because I wanted to test out my New Spanish Airports scenery and because I haven't flown the PMDG 737 in a while. The repaint on EI-DAL is also by our very own Simi_av8r :dance:

Enjoy the shots, I have written down and included some of the ATC commentary to go with the pictures. Sorry for posting so many!

Waiting for the last of the passengers to arrive and the last of the documentation to be delivered.

"Ryanair 2713, you are cleared to Dublin as filed, SIE1S departure, runway 15R, climb FL130. Squak mode standby, squak 4402.


"Ryanair 2713 hold short of runway 15R, call when ready for takeoff."

The controller hadn't given us any specific taxi instructions because Madrid was quiet, so we set off the briefest of looks at our chart.


Lined up and ready to roll.

"Ryanair 2713 cleared for takeoff runway 15R, winds *** at **, monitor UNICOM 122.800 good day."

Cleared for takeoff 15R, 122.800 for Ryanair 2713. Thanks for the ATC sir, have a good evening."


Taking off into the mild air, with a VC-10 lining up behind us on the runway.


Flying over the city of Madrid, with one of Madrid's smaller airports in view.


Climbing to our initial altitude of 13,000ft, this is the view over the right wing - not much to see here.


A small turn over some farmland, we're well on our way to EIDW now.


A spotter on the ground got this one as we passed through FL130 and on up to FL350.


Still climbing. I love flying in Spain, the land is so rarely flat.


Nearly at our ToC now, and another slight turn. It's quite turbulent up here today.


Cruising 35 thousand feet above the ground.


Flight Environment doing its stuff with the water.


Over the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards Northern France.


A view of Normandy in North-West France from just behind the left wing.


"Ryanair 2713, route direct VATRY."

ATC cut some time off our route by letting us fly directly to our last planned waypoint, VATRY.


"Ryanair 2713, maintain FL350, expect FL240 to be level by STU."


Over Cornwall, and talking to London Control.



Bristol Channel, about to come in over South Wales. Done it many times, and I love it.


The south coast of Wales, from the wing and from outside.



West coast of Ireland in view at last. London control had us a little high so Dublin Radar put us into a hold at VATRY to descent to FL060.


In the aforementioned hold. It's not delaying us because we saved time by going direct to VATRY.


Coming out of the hold.

"Ryanair 2713 turn left heading 310 now and descend 3000 feet."


As we descended we flew into heavy fog. We had this a few days back in Belfast, looks like they're suffering it down south now.


The bad weather does little for the passengers' moods, used to a sunny Spain.


"Ryanair 2713 left heading 030 to intercept ILS runway 28, report established."


So we did. Full landing configuration, just slowing her down to our VREF of 144kts.

"Ryanair 2713 wind 010 at 08, cleared to land runway 28.


I've seen this in real life. Viewed from the main motorway that travels up the west coast of Ireland, right in the approach path.


There's the road. Passenger's view seconds before touchdown.


We bounced but it was a gentle enough touchdown considering the weather.



Slowing the nearly-fully loaded 737 down. Company traffic on approach behind us so we have to be quick.


Taxiing in to our stand.


Parked up beside a company 738, which pushed back and began its flight to Stansted moments after this was taken.


Thanks for looking all. Again, sorry for the long post, however hopeufully the ATC transcripts will give some insight to the procedures used online. Comments welcome as always :-)


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Well done Dave, got the feeling for the whole flight, and the pictures were excellent.

I think you were lucky not to get a bird strike in the first shot with all that "squak"ing going on :dance:

But I have to agree with John, some peanuts and a GandT would have been nice!


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lovely shots there Dave, i really got into that flight, well done!

The PMDG 738 is a lovely bird, and i thought i recognised that re-paint!

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