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2 planes full of skydivers collide in mid-air

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I was a parachute pilot for over 20 years, and have dropped with other a/c close by, ones nuts are always a bit tight when another plane is close as it is the pilots responsibility to keep a situation awareness of the location of the other a/c and one should keep the other in sight all the time. I think there were 2 problems here , one) the 2 a/c  lost sight of each other the higher pilot cannot see through his floor, and the lower cannot see through his wing 2) when people start climbing around on the outside it makes the plane turn in that direction so you have to apply some rudder to counteract this turn and keep the plot straight it is evident the upper a/c didnt do this

Luckily it ended well as the pilot had a chute, I tried to wear one a few timesbut it was just too uncomfortable for hours on end. happily although we had a few people diesjumping out of our plane the plane was never really compromised.

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