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Saitek Announces the X-55 Rhino

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Saitek have announced a new joystick product to be released in time for the holiday season.

Mat Catz's Martin Crompton says "The X-55 Rhino is a pretty significant new product" Other than that he remains tight-lipped and points us towards this video, enjoy!


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Well I thought i saw a joystick in with the electronic fireworks.... but I am not sure. Are they remaining 'tight-lipped' because they haven't designed it yet?


He he! I had a look around for more info but couldn't find any, it will be going to pre-order next week so there should be more details by then  ;)

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Looks like it shares some design features of the X-52 pro, plus one or two borrowed off other Saitek sticks. Could be interesting, especially if it is a HOTAS style setup.

The X-52 Pro is a great bit of kit and very reliable, so I am wondering what they can add to make it significantly better.... Unless... they pitch this just as a joystick with a lower price tag.

Interesting all the same. One to keep an eye on.

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Reminds me more of a commercial that showcases a really ugly car, they don't really show you the car and instead do quick cut scenes of it driving fast and then add a lot of fluff. In this case it was colored laser lights instead of a half naked women checking her lips in the rearview mirror. :D


Could be a marketing ploy, as Andrew said, show a teaser for the youngsters at Christmas time to get all excited, dump it on the market right before, get as many sales as you can before the reviews come out. Brilliant. Teasers should at least show you something, I'm with Nigel and Jack with this one. Sometimes if not done right it could backfire. 


It might be at the forefront of our minds but I haven't heard anything but grumbling from commenters. :P

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It's called marketing and it's not your money, so there is nothing to whinge about.

not quite true. Buy Saitek stuff and you are paying their mark-up which includes a portion of their marketing costs.

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