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Leg 99: Gibraltar AB[LXGB] =>>Francisco Sa Carneiro[LPPR]

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Hi guys!!

Sorry for posting only 19 shots but all the others weren't good 'cos the antialising for some reason wasn't working and I wasn't able to correct that.




















Hope you liked them and ...sorry once again for posting only 19. :sadblinky:

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Hi Panos,

I unique post in many ways, well done!

There's some very good edits in there, I love some of those RW cloud textures :cool:

That take off sure was scary :sad: but you got us to Porto, that's the main thing!

Thanks Panos for a great post.

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Nice job, Panos. I really enjoyed those. Your photos this time have a very unique "style" to them that I havdn't noticed in any of your earlier work.

As for having some poor quality photos in the mix, well, I can sympathize with that. Sometimes that graphics card just gets a mind of its own.

Thanks for a great flight. :cool: :sad:


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Whey-Hey-Hey - Panos! That take off was straight out of 'The Dam Busters'! Were you carrying gold bullion in the hold? Good collection of shots and, as John says, they come with your own style.

Funnily enough, this is the only ATWC, so far, that I've been (physically) to both airports. You have to walk/drive across the runway at Gib when coming in from Spain and I went on holiday to Oporto in, wait for it, 1960. Yeah, I remember the sixties.......

Thanks for sharing - cheers - Dai. :sad:

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Great leg, love the style and way you did the shots..

I did have a good old laugh at your take off, and your quote to go with it!

I am glad the a/c did listen to you Panos :yes:

Superb leg, really well done!


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Absolutely fabulous, Panos! I can see you made a real effort with your edits there; I have no criticism whatsoever! Watch your takeoffs at Gibralatar in future, however, it's a very short runway! :thum:

Sorry this reply is late. I am replying to all the fantastic legs completed while I have been absent!

Best Regards,

George : Tap

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