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DC Airways World Rally 2013 - Leg 1: LFPG to LFLB

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Here we go again with the DC Airways World Rally for 2013.

Leg 1 is from Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) to Aix les Bains (LFLB), which is in south east France. Here's the Flight Plan (Thanks, Tim!):


Just a few screenshots - LFPG Take Off:


Leaving Charles de Gaulle:


Turn at DJL VOR (Dijon):


That's the Alpes ahead:


Passing the Rhone:


Turning towards Aix les Bains at St Claude:


Picking up the ILS on approach to LFLB:


Long Final to runway 18 at Aix les Bains:


Touch Down:


Hopefully I'll post the other Legs - Thanks for watching...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Yes, a nice start of the rally.

I was IFR for most of the time - including approach. Which made for an interesting one since the description said let down to 5500 ft but in the approach I came across a few hills of about that height. I had to initiate a sudden climb to clear them!

Good luck in the Rally

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Thanks for posting Dai. The rally looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Maybe you can clear up a question for me: The view out of the aircraft windshield looks as though the plane is a couple thousand feet up, the picture immediately following the cockpit shot looks to be at least 1000 feet AGL. The altimeter (not marked, but assumed to be in feet) reads approx 340 Ft and the radar altimeter is showing slightly more than 200 Ft AGL (this one is marked in feet). I looked up the airport and it gives an elevation of 768 Ft. Where am I making a mistake?

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March - this is the DCA DC-3 with, I think, Norman Hancock's 2-D panel (but I could be wrong). As you can see from the AP, we're descending to 3,000 ft, so the Altimeter is reading 3,400 ft (ish) and the Radio Altimeter something around 2,000 ft (ish). I get confused, too, but I fly almost all the WR Flights from the 2-D panel as the Nav instruments are so good. Also, the AP is extremely stable. I approached Aix les Bains with the AP on Altitude Hold, adjustng the desired flight level by Mouse and directing the 'plane with the stick until I'd caught the ILS - then I turned the AP Off. Unconventional, I know, but it works for me...

Thanks for your comments, Chaps and HNY! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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That explains the radar altimeter. The barber pole indicator is thousands, then, not the DH bug. I had to blow up the photo to read the small print on the gauge face. Same with the Barometric altimeter. I'm focused on what I think are just two hands where there should be three. The thousands and hundreds hands are atop one another. Easy to see when blown up larger.


Thanks for the aside - I realize it's somewhat off topic.


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