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DC Airways World Rally 2013 Leg 2:  SPJB to SPHZ

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For the second leg of the DCA WR, we're in 'darkest Peru', so have your marmalade sandwiches ready! We fly from Pampa Grande (SPJB) south to Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani Airport (SPHZ). From the flight plan (Thanks, Tim), it looks fairly straightforward:


Take off from Pampa Grande:


Turning onto the TRU VOR (Trujillo) radial:


An unusual navigation direction from Norm: "Head to the right of that sharp peak in the distance" - plenty of choice, I'm afraid!


That's "Pico de Diamante" to starboard:


Turning south east, up the valley:


Picking up the ATA NDB (SPHZ):


And that's our destination, ahead, if you look carefully:


Just over the hill for Long Final:


There's a bit of a cross wind on Short Final:


My right foot is on the floor for this one! Hope we make it:


Well, we did make it - only just. Thanks for the sting in the tail, Norm!


As I said, pretty straightforward apart from the crosswind. Hope you enjoyed the flight and Thanks for joining me.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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