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Leg 100: Porto (LPPR) - Zaragoza (LEZG)

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Sorry for the slight delay, things have been very busy at work/home! :tattle:

Anyway, here is my leg. Including a very dramatic and unplanned ending:

All hatches/doors open, preparing the aircraft for its journey


The slightly hazy view from the tower


GPU connected, chocks inserted


Engine start, Greenpeace would love this aircraft!


Monitoring the engines during the start


Holding short of the active, making sure the VORs are tuned


Up, up and away! The power and short field performance of the C-130 never ceases to amaze me


123 miles until the next VOR, settling into the cruise


Superb modeling by CaptainSim


Lovely and spacious, must be a pleasure to fly


Rear door open, side doors open, catching some summer sunshine!


Step descents, slowing down to 150kts


Completely unplanned, my two starboard engines cut out. Unfortunately I have neither the knowledge or time to identify the case and have to plan for an emergency landing


Props feathered. Fortunately this happened approaching the destination airport!


Flight Engineers view on approach


Kept it high for as long as I could, now descending a fair old rate towards the threshold. Maintaining 100kts +


A rather nice touchdown, a tribute to the Hercules' tough design


Uh oh, a fire! Emergency hatches on the roof are opened, as well as the hatch above the starboard landing gear


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Hey Martyn.

Seems the c-130 is a popular choice, looks mighty fine in that skin though, very nicely weathered. You certainly like your interior shots. Nice job getting her down with 2 out on one wing, must have pulled heavy to the right. Nice post :tattle:


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:clap: Well done Martyn, thanks for making it the century, 100 flights! :dance2: :dance: :clap:

The things we do for the challenge. :yes:

Superb shots and thanks for getting us safely to Zaragoza, one question, will JF release the FSX version?

Hope to see more of you around.


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Well done! A favorite AC of mine - I use the FS9 version often. I've never tried to handle it on three engines, much less two. Nice work.


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And for my next trick.......! Seriously, well done Martyn - pulled that landing right out of the bag. I, too, will be interested in the FSX version. Thanks for making the ATWC Century!

Cheers - Dai. :yes:

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Well, since I'm taking the next leg to Nice guess I won't be using THAT C-130. Walking around the base I found an old Boeing 707 in a hangar. Think I'll check it out and give that one a go. Great pics and enjoyed the commentary!

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A fantastic post and a really great aircraft. Well done for getting her down safely! You're right; Greenpeace would love that aircraft - the engines even smoke when they aren't turning :dance2: :yes:


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Fantastic shots, Martyn. I really enjoyed this post. :thum:

Sorry this reply is late. I am replying to all the fantastic legs completed while I have been absent!

Kind Regards,

George : Tap

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