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Leg 103 Paris LFPG-Zurich LSZH

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After a smooth flight, I have just nipped off to a Swiss photo-studio to develop the pictures. However Here is one from my phone to give you a taster...I shall reveal the aircraft tomorrow!


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Im pretty sure its Wilco's A319CJ. Far to wide, tall and with too many windows to be a legacy, and as far as i know there are no 767's with a full cabin modelled.

so i am very much looking forward to the shots.

Although i would turn your cabin temp down, its so hot all the cutlery has melted into the table.

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Well nothing like the dramatic stories of previous flights; nor the ATC inclusion I have done in the past (That is being saved for my last leg)

Instead, I hope to bring you 'Something Corporate'

And the aircraft is...the ACJ! Flown in Privat Air colours, taking, as well as of course the baton, some the punk/rock band 'Something Corporate' from their gig at the Stade de France to one in Zurich. I hope you enjoy the flight!

As some background ambience, how about you play this song in the background...you will find out later on!



We taxi out and are followed by a little BMI on our way to 09R


Because the taxi at CDG is so long, there are rarely many aircraft waiting for takeoff at the runway, as illustrated here as we go straight on!


The EICAS tells us what how the systems are doing pre-takeoff


Seen here at V2 we soar into the Parisien air


Our co-pilot, Mr Muller, calls "Gear going up"


A small left turn to join today's route, which will take us north of Troyes and Chaumont, over Basle before our approach into Zurich Kloten.


Seen here climbing up to the cruise level of FL280


As we move further into the continent, snow is seen due to the cooler winter climate


The Nav display shows our turn


It really is quite good looking, in my opinion!


More clouds below us as we begin our decent near the Swiss/German frontier with France


Reims Centre are giving us a handoff to Swiss Radar...


Here we can see the Jura mountains, with the Alps in the background.


Preparing the cockpit for descent


And down to the left we see the Vosges mountains


Having started our descent we are now somewhere over the major railway junction of Olten


Receiving weather information...predicted to be calm and cold in Zurich!


Some cloud lingers over the Vierwaldstattersee, (Four-forest-canton-lake), and the touristy city of Luzern


We're nearing the stage where the cabin crew check the seatbelts...not that there are particularly many to check in this!


Coming through the cloud level, but they're not causing us much bother this time


Ah, now this must be Zug, capital of the Canton named Zug, on the lake 'Zugersee' and again a railway junction-train in German being...yes, ZUG!


The lead singer looks out the window, singing to himself the song 'Globes & Maps'...


Turning in on runway 34, about 20 miles out


Full landing config, with an array of contrails up above


Runway now in sight!


Really low now over snowy hills


Over the threshold, at the decision height


A nice smooth touchdown with two little puffs of smoke...


Speedbrakes and reversers working to get us off at an early turnoff


And there we are, off the runway


Passing a pink Helvetic aircraft on the taxi in


The airport was very busy so we had to settle for a stand in the long haul terminal


There we are, parked up. The band weren't happy about having to get a bus to the terminal!


I didn't mind as the pilot...here we see all systems shut down.


I hope you enjoyed leg 103, I've arranged to meet TapA321 on platform 16 of the 'Hauptbahnhof' (Main Station), to hand over the baton!

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:good Bravo Phil, by far one of your best flights yet.

I really enjoyed the commentary it adds so much to the post.

Faultless shots and a beautiful aircraft :eyebrow:

Thanks for getting us to Zurich, I knew the baton was safe in your hands.


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Smooth and classy, Phil! A/C, flight, commentary, traffic and scenery all top class -well done! Thanks for sharing.

Cheers - Dai. :eyebrow:

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Great quality - crisp sharp shots, well composed. Very nice AC. Was there any damage in the cabin by the rock band?


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Excellent post with great shots and commentary. Love to here a few geographic locations on route. The contrails shot is great and very much like home, as i live near a nav beacon and at this time of year theres is rarely no contrails. Only the other day had the pleasure of a tanker with 4 F-15's all at high alt. The song was good too, intresting hearing what others like to listen too. Not a band i have heard of either.

All in all, great job!


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A fabulous post there, phil. Possibly your best ATWC post yet, well done! :thum:

Sorry this reply is late. I am replying to all the fantastic legs completed while I have been absent!

Best Regards,

George : Tap

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