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We (Just Flight) will certainly be there.

Obviously it's been a difficult couple of months for everyone in and around Just Flight. However, I'm pleased to say that we have come through the other side and are now on a very solid footing for the future. I won't bore you with the details here, I'll save that for a coffee/beer with you at the show. 

The show is shaping up to be even better than last year. No Saitek unfortunately for the reasons mentioned earlier, but we have more stands than ever before, more events in the auditorium, and I'm happy to say that Dovetail will be having a stand there. I'm sure they are looking forward to engaging with (engaging = getting their ears bent) eager members of the community keen to get the inside scoop on the next version of FS.  

Only a few weeks away now... see you soon. 

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Everyone, stear well clear of this man (on the right), as you can see he is very shy.     I will be gentle with you James    EDIT: I have never heard of a shy fireman before!

Me and Joe,..... Joe and Me........ I and Joe......   Joe and I will be at the show.  

Brian, this is how you says it like proper.   Uncle Mr Joe Lawford and myself will be in attendance.  

Oh! I see we have been knocked down from forth, to sixth on the exhibitors list, it's not what you know, but who you know!

Dovetail Games, Aerosoft? Who are they?  :rofl:


Slip Rich a tenner and he might put you back at the top :thum:


Look forward to seeing everyone there. I should be on the development stand, showing off the upcoming Tornado GR1 (and possibly Tristar Professional).

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Knowing Rich, it would be a score and a crate of beer  :D


Are you all home workers now Martyn? (If so. join the club!)


Not everyone. We have our Huntingdon office until at least the end of October and our London office until late next year. The plan was always to get rid of the Huntingdon office, no point paying for a massive warehouse when 95% of sales are now downloads!


A big chunk of Just Flight always worked from home but its a first for me. Its been a good change so far :thum:

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Hi Chris, there are two presentations I'm aware of. The first is to do with x-plane and the occulus rift. The second is by Qualitywings and about thier upcoming B787. I think the first one starts at 11.30.


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Hi guys I was hoping to come on Saturday,but as it is over a 400 mile round trip from home I have decided to put the £100  petrol money in the pot towards my new PC. sad I know but It had to be done. :cray:

Hope you all have a great time.


Cheers Mike

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