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Leg 107: Amsterdam (EHAM) - Stockholm-Bromma (ESSB)

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Hi all,

After receiving the baton in such style from John we are due to get the aircraft out of maintenance sometime today. Sharon had been enjoying herself in one of Amsterdam's "coffee shops" and felt obliged to take the plane out for a spin, bless her. She should be out herself soon enough.

I'll get right on this flight chaps, had a flying lesson today and so have a couple of RW-aviation things to tidy up like reading the manual for the Garmin 1000 glass cockpit avionics system :roll: Ah, isn't technology wonderful.



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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update, looking forward to your flight.

Pleased to see you got a lesson in today :roll: :thumb:


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Hi all,

I'm a little hesitant to post these shots of a Citation when 5 people have just died in a Citation (albeit a smaller one) in London. I will post them anyway, and I express my sincere condolences to the families of those killed today.


After a rather pleasant overnight in Amsterdam we meet our Cessna Citation II on a remote business aviation stand at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Should be a nice classy ride for the baton carrier after the boys at BAF delivered him in what was presumably a cargo pallet :roll:


Joining the queue of planes taxiing to runway 19R and hoping we are up before the weather deteriorates any further.


The FO is returning from ensuring the cabin is secure (no FA on this flight) just as we are given clearance to line up and wait on runway 19R. I doubt that guy in the distance was pleased :poster_oops:


And we are rolling. Smoothly accelerating down the runway to our rotation speed of 105kts.


One roation later we are powering (as much as it is possible to power in a C550) away from AMS and following ATC's instructions to turn right heading 090 passing 900ft.


Above the lower levels of clouds but there are some forecast for later in the climb.


The baton carrier's view as he lounges in the cabin. Clearance Delivery in EHAM only gave us an altitude of 3000ft but Departure immediately changed this to 9000ft.


All is clear down the coast of the Netherlands.


Here we go. Passing through some high clouds on our way up to our cruising altitude of FL310.


The Citation's engines start to run out of beans at higher altitudes and so we climb much slower, between 500 and 1000 fpm as our desired climb speed of 200KIAS allows.


Still climbing, although you wouldn't know it.


In the cruise over Germany.


As jets go the C550 isn't very fast. We were getting Mach 0.60 at the start of cruise which went up to Mach 0.62 as fuel burnt off, all at around 83% N1 at 31000ft.


Once we were east of Denmark we turned north. Here we are shortly after leaving the German coast.


Vapour trails on the wings as we pass a waypoint.


Head on. Bonus points for naming the island below.


A great freeware panel for a great freeware plane. Merged with Eaglesoft's FDE though as the one supplied is FAR too quick to be a Citation II.


Mainland Sweden at last.


Following the Swedish coast to Stockholm with Finland on the other side.


The final stages of our cruise.


Beginning a gentle descent as instructed by ATC. We're told to expect runway 12 at ESSB with clear skies and strong winds being reported when we momentarily leave the frequency to get the latest weather.


The scenery is more interesting here than it was over Germany.


The baton carrier looking up from his reclined seat and fine wine to grab this shot.


Being vectored onto the ILS approach for runway 12.


That pesky ILS beam is round here somewhere. It'll be easier once the skies clear a bit.


Here we go. Autopilot off and full landing configuration, battling strong winds and following the localiser and glideslope.


Not one of my better landings but I was surprised at how sluggish the C550 gets at slow speeds. "Excuses, excuses" comes the mumble from the right hand seat.


Now, where are the executive gates...oh wait, they all are!


A quiet day at Bromma. Mabye the Swedish jet set don't go out on Sundays.


Cold and dark and unloading the baton carrier's baggage for him. It's been a little over 2 hours since leaving Amsterdam.


Hope you enjoyed those :-) The C550 by Veneaviones and the panel by Leon Seale (I think) are both available for free from Avsim and highly recommended!

Welcome to Stockholm.


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Hi Dave,

Your best ever flight in the ATWC IMO. The mixture of commentary and excellent shots is perfect.

A fitting tribute to those who sadly lost their lives today, well done :roll:

Is the island Bornholm :?:


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Great flight, Dave. Sorry I missed you in Amsterdam, but was off to meet the new grandson. Nice job on this one. :rockon:

Nice to see Radar Contact being put to good use.


I looked up the island and agree with the others. I was hoping they had it wrong, but it seems not.



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A fantastic flight with great commentary. Did not even know what a citation was until now :rockon: Great job getting the batton to Sweden...


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Thank you all :-) You are correct, the island is ineed Bornholm as indicated by the ROE VOR - the town of Ronne, situated on Bornholm.

Cheers all

Dave :-)

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So S-M-O-O-T-H!!!! Like the head on a Guiness, Dave - really liked the stylishly handled flight - makes me wish I'd been sipping wine in the executive lounge.....

Excellent commentary too - thanks for sharing. :clap:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Fantastic post there, Dave. Some great commentary which compliments the shots perfectly, well done! :thum:

Sorry this reply is late. I am replying to all the fantastic legs completed while I have been absent!

Best Regards,

George : Tap

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