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Leg 108: Stockholm Bromma (ESSB) to Ivalo (EFIV)

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Hey guys.

After dave landed us in Sweden in style, i take up the baton once again (even though i thought i had done my last flight :roll: ) A message from the gaffer asked if i would like to fly another leg, sure i said, Finland he said, oohhhh i said, do they have any airports there ??

So anyway i accepted then set about seeing what finland had to offer the FS world. Wow, the answer would be....LOTS!!! These nordic people certainly love FS because ive never seen so much quality freeware avaliable for a country i would not really associate with aircraft. So anyhoo the "ATLoFT" was born, Around The Land of Finland Tour ;)

Rahter than one big flight, i would cross from Sweden to Finland and then up almost the entire country in a series of hops in an effort to bring something of interest to everyone. As this is the first flight for the ATWC i had not got at short notice, i was able to do this. Even though i had time, please don't expect massive edits as i did take 52 shots!! On with the flight.

The route.


My journey would start in Bromma, catching a flight to Helsinki Vantaa. From there i had an aircraft waiting to do the tour with and thus my first section is not flown by me :roll: Here Goes :ap:








Safe and sound in Finland, a short taxi ride down the road would take me too Helsinki Malmi and my Loaner.







After a spot of lunch and chatting with local aviators i had not realised how late it had got.







Well thats bloody typical, plan something for months and it all goes tits up before you get anywhere. (bit like BA) Thankfully the finnish airforce are kind souls and offer me a lift to Kuopio where i should have more luck in finding suitable transport. (many airports in finland double as airbases)







No aircraft for loan here, looks like i shall have to put my feet up and go commercial again.








Still no aircraft for loan :yikes: but a local tells me to have a word with the Germans. The Germans ???? Aparantly they are on exercise with the finnish armed forces and have some helicopters going north. A quick word with the captain of the section he says no, i say it for the ATWC he says OOOhhhhh your one of Mutleys boys!! Hop in!!











Well nearly there and a stroke of luck, a friend from stateside heard of my plight and shipped his crate over for me to finish up this flight, a Mustang !! (or thats my exscuse for using a P-51, i just like em :roll: )









Well there you have it, i know my story telling is terrible, but hopefully a shot or two floated your boat. The baton is safely at Ivalo, so whos next ???? :mrhappy:

Thanks for looking...


P.S. If your on 56k still.............sorry.

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Hey Steve,

I love the Around The Land of Finland Tour, a complete challenge within itself. A fantastic range of aircraft and shots and edits to die for! There's so many good ones there it is hard to choose favourite, however, I did like those sequence of heli shots.

I know how long you have been working on this one and I really thank you for your hard word enthusiasm for the challenge.

You have really helped to raise the bar for the rest of us ;)


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Thanks guys. Just glad you enjoyed it. Forgot the map to go with the post but its up now. Was lots of fun to do with some great scenery. Thanks for giving me the leg ;)



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Very, very nice work! Loved every shot and you were very innovative to pull in all those various AC and locations. Thoroughly enjoyable.



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What an absolute stunningly beautiful post!

I really cannot describe how good this is, every shot is just so goddam nice!

No words describe these shots, this is the best set i have EVER seen on any Flight Simulator...



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Just back for my second view, that map is a nice touch and helps to put your flights into perspective.


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without a doubt the best leg of AWTC's "Euro Exped." thus far. Finland really seems to be the place to go flying, oh mighty Steve, bless us with thy presence again :clap:

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Without a doubt the best post I have ever seen from you and definitely a show stopper even by the high standards of the ATWC. I loved the range of excellent freeware planes and scenery, coupled with the fact that the hostile terrain of Finland is interesting enough anyway! Great job!

Dave :clap:

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Steve, what can I say?!!

I'm next...how do I follow that up!

I'm putting more effort into my post than any of my previous ones, but don't be expecting anything like this one!

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Thanks guys, with a response like this it makes all the effort worth while.

I cannot understand how you manage to turn the awful images that FS produces to such masterpieces...

Maybe i should do an edit taking shots along the way to give people an idea of how easy it can be done. I'll pencil it down Panos.

oh mighty Steve, bless us with thy presence again

Haha too funny, anyhoo thats it for me and the ATWC. Nothing to do but sit back, put my feet up and read what others will post :clap:

I'm next...how do I follow that up!

Some like to tell a story, others have all the aviation knowledge and procedures, some draw fancy pictures :roll: and some are just clueless :cool: Each bring their own little bit to the ATWC and thats what makes it so interesting. I have loved reading every leg since i joined and look forward to reading yours and those that follow. You can tell when somone makes that bit of effort and thats what counts. Anyway, i love flying in and out of Bergen so "DON'T MESS IT UP!! :mrhappy:

Thanks again guys...


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What can I say? :clap: I'm sure many flight-sim enthusiasts would be willing to pay to see such fantastic shots! You have such a talent there. Also some great commentary too. The whole post was also very well presented! Well done, Steve. :thum:

Sorry this reply is late. I am replying to all the fantastic legs completed while I have been absent!

Kind Regards,

George : Tap

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