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Leg 111: Edinburgh (EGPH) to Belfast City (EGAC)

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Well guys, ive been given the go ahead to post my leg by Mut, as of Leg 110 delays...


How ironic :dance2:

Well i did these edits just after i got Leg 111, i really flew it the day after, and then edited them thereafter!

Obviously you will notice the edits are rather poor, since i did them so long ago, and i have improved :blush

Anyway, onto the leg.

The aircraft of choice is the Cessna Citation IISP, a beautiful AC flying like a dream.

It was all flew manually as of a beautiful, quiet day, besides from the strong winds up in the skies, and a few on the ground...

Well i think i will "try" to build a story into this since its my first leg, and most probs my last, but really i think it should have my own touch, and unfortunatley im not the most creative person with english and the like, im more of a maths person, sat with my head in a Core 4 or further pure 1 book scraching away with my pen...

Tangents are what i tend to go off on, so just bear with me and the shots will come!

Obviously its my ambition to be a pilot in the future, as i adore aviation, love every part of it, and i hope to pursue a good life long carrear in it...My first flight school of choice is CTC, based half here in britain and half over in new zealand, which would be some experience, and the second choice is to go for a so called "sponsered" programme in Oxford, or if that doesnt work out go to FTE in spain...

All this sounds like a bit of a muddle im sure, i mean im 16 going on 17 and i know what i want to do until retirement, but its just a feeling i have, its like its in my blood that i have to be a pilot! My parents kind of go along with my dreams, and seem to offer a little support however its nothing massive...

Its down to me, so grafting at college is my only option, getting straight A's and going to a renowned flight school.

My dream would be to fly a private jet, ferrying the famous around the world. I mean, wow! Wouldnt it be amazing!

That is why i chose a nice private jet here, as its kind of a symbol for my further life, sad i know!!!

I flew from edinburgh last year, and am again this year to turkey for a nice hot holiday in the summer..Some nice views indeed from the small cramped windows onboard a A321!

Its a basic airport, strange shaped, with two runways, one on an angle to the other.

I took off from here, and basically flew direct to Belfast, the rich dont want any stop offs, or slowing downs now do they!!!

Here we started by starting the two small, but effective engines, on a cold scottish morning billowing out some fumes...


We taxied to the runway past the iconic and beautiful tower, and the many Royal bank of scotland signs, advertising to hell! Seemed quiet on this sunday morning!


Sure is quiet! Very quiet! But anyway we got going onto the runway, leaving behind the scottish airport and that huge tower!


A minute later, we passed the fire station with the practice aircraft, which they burn to smitheriens! Lets hope we dont need these facilities!


We then reach the active, and hold short waiting for clearance. You can see edinburgh airport behind, looking so small!


We blast down the runway at full power, and lift off, positive rate and gear up!


We look back, and the airport looks so small! Lots of cars parked!


We ask the controllers if we can bank right, so we can have a nice view of the city, here we can see the Forth road bridge!


Soon after, we look up and see the sun glaring down on us, leaving some rather iconic cirrus clouds behind!


Out to the left you can see the Lake District, such a beautiful area, holding some unusual clouds above!


Once we reached our cruise altitude, we look below to see a 747 powering past! No wonder the controller forced us up to 37000 feet :thumbup: (sorry about this pic, had to make an excuse for the 747!)


This is the edge of the scotland area, as we start our descent from a rather bizzare altitude!


A quick check back in the cabin sees that our passengers have invisibility powers :yikes:

Heh only joking, they are just all crammed into the toilets :giggle:


A passenger took this, quite a nice plane i think!


A quick look at the bay before belfast shows its a rather hazy and horrible day!


Yet the sun still glares down onto the sea.


Another check shows the two engines...

And those passengers are playing hide and seek again :wacky:


On approach, looks interesting!


From the pit'. Shows the glideslope is good with 2 red and 2 white PAPI lights :cool:


A look out to the left shows a rather nice view...


We slam down onto the runway, producing an abnormally large puff of smoke!


The reversers in action...


Taxiing back to the gate..and at last some planes!!!


Last picture took by the passengers before they disembark...


Right, thats all folks!

Hope you enjoyed the flights, and i am sorry that it was so uneventful, i mean if i were to do another leg i would make it a bit more, well, adventerous!!!!!

Sorry, but thanks for looking and stuff, its much appreciated!


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Nice one, Chris! Really good screen shots and an excellent commentary - very enjoyable flight indeed. :dance2:

Also, I've got to applaud your use of clouds - they do add that extra touch of atmosphere (sorrry, no pun intended!). Thanks for that...... :thumbup:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I don't know why your saying sorry its a fantastic post. A good solid flight and some nice editing touches backed up with great commentary. All in all one of the best ATWC posts i've had the pleasure to read. Top Stuff !!


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Great leg! Welcome to Belfast :mrhappy: A great post and really fantastic edits and great commentary, I loved the 747! (must have been a test flight or something as I've never seen one go upside down before :mrhappy: )

A great leg, thanks for posting.


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Wow :shock:

Thanks for such good comments!

I really didnt expect such a good reaction, thanks so much!

I really do appreciate it :mrhappy:

And an upside down 747, amazing i know :blush

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:bowdown: :mrhappy: :clap:

Well done 1mag1n3!

We ask the controllers if we can bank right, so we can have a nice view of the city, here we can see the Forth road bridge!

It's the Forth Rail Bridge, not the road bridge! :mrhappy:

Great shots and great edits!


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Hi Chris, I really enjoyed that flight, some great editing and commentary.

I can see you put a lot of thought into this and made it a very entertain post :mrhappy:

Thanks for getting the baton safely to "Norn Iron" but watch out for the evil Dr Dgor and his ankle-snapper Toby :bowdown:

Great job Chris.


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