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Leg 112: Belfast EGAC - Dublin EIDW

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Evening all,

Sorry this took so long. Let's just say that the hike did not go as planned and the less said the better :mrhappy: Haven't been up to flying since but wanted to get moving again with the challenge so here we are!

It's a cold and thundery morning in Belfast as we load up our "precious cargo" for this urgent charter trip to Dublin. I'm not too happy about getting up so early to run the baton down but anything for the Cause! Plus, the weather is good and we'll be flying VFR so it should be fun.


One engine started and keeping an eye on the engine instruments as we start the other.


Very much Flybe's territory. I've tried adding BMI and Ryanair flightplans to EGAC with the T2005 editor but I'm useless at traffic editing, all I've succeeeded in doing is increasing the about of Flybe planes.


Lined up and ready to go. BHD is pretty quiet; the only other plane I've seen depart this morning was a C152.


The beautiful Seneca lifting into the cold air, and me getting ready for some seat of the pants, VFR coast-hugging flying.


Over Belfast and heading towards the coast which we will follow to Dublin.


Roads and Rivers of Europe really comes into its own on flights like these.


Lovely lines on the Piper.


In that direction is Newtownards EGAD, where the real flying is done.


This road will take us to the coast of NI, near the border with the Republic.


Those mountains are where I was at the weekend. I couldn't resist heading off-course to fly around them for a while as you will see.


Juggling mountain tops, clouds, and the wishes of ATC to get over the peaks.


Ben Crom reservoir, the largest reservoir in the Mournes.


Spelga Dam, the second largest and one I've spent a good amount of time walking along.


Back to business - heading towards the coast again.


Dublin don't want us to be too high around the airport and we need to stay out of those clouds. Down we go...


It's a good thing we have no passengers apart from the baton carrier, who after 111 legs is used to this sort of stuff by now.


Approaching Gormanstown (ha, ha)


I couldn't resist buzzing the residents of my namesake village!


Dublin is off in that direction somewhere. From driving down the road below us I know that it will take us pretty close to the threshold of runway 28.


In real life this bridge is much snazzier.


Land ahoy! Speaking to Dublin tower and hoping to get in before the rush hour.


Banking towards the airport.


They're using the eastbound runway 10 for departures and arrivals, but ATC are going to let me circle and land on the shorter GA runway on the north side of the field. On downwind leg here and setting up for the landing.


My approach could generously be called interesting, but a more realistic view would be downright crazy.


No matter, we're down. Rolling out on this runway and not bothering with the brakes too much as we need to turn off at the end.


Taxiing in. Dublin dosen't see much GA traffic - the smallest, slowest things they normally deal with at Saab 340s and Michael O'Leary.


Parked up safely in a remote corner. A car is on the way to hustle the baton carrier and the baton to the terminal.


Hope you enjoyed and sorry once again for the delay. That's my last leg of the ATWC I think and I'd like to thank Joe for the tremendous work he's done here. The Hangar simply wouldn't be the Hangar without his dedication and effort. A thousand thanks Joe! :whis:



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Hey Dave,

As ever, a stunning example of your work :mrhappy: .

Really great shots and commentary flying around your homeland.

Well done and thanks for getting us safely to Dublin.


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A really nice VFR flight, Dave - with an excellent commentary - loved the Dam!! Must be nice to have a town named after you too. :mrhappy:

Thanks for sharing - only a few Legs to go now.....

Cheers - Dai. :whis:

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Well worth the wait, Dave. Kind of iffy weather for VFR, but you got it done. Very interesting and well done.


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