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a Last look at where Aerofly FS are going

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Here I go, pole vaulting over mouse turds again!

There is some question about the 'sarcasm' quote:


The phrase, “the lowest form of wit” is oft used, but its origin is obscure. The Internet, being the Mother of All Lies, ascribes it to Oscar Wilde, who was a master of sarcasm himself and certainly a worthy owner of the phrase. Alas, no Wilde scholar has been able to point to its existence in any of his works. Some folks say that it is actually a corruption of “sarcasm is the lowest form of humor but the highest form of wit,” a phrase that is similarly cited as being from Wilde, yet just as impossible to demonstrate!

And it doesn’t stop there. Michael DeJong, in an article for The Huffington Post, wrote a piece on “Sarcasm Month” and supplied a new misquote where he says, “as Oscar Wilde stated, Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.’” Sorry Michael, it appears he didn’t say that either!

The above from here:


Back to Aerofly, for a moment, it certainly isn't everybody's cup of tea. Would if be possible for us to agree to disagree and relax a little? That'd be cool!


Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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I think there aircraft are looking great, they have a long way to go yet as far as covering the world though. Photoscenery alone doesn't cut it for me. Thanks for the look Nigel. :)



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Hi Sam,

I have been speaking to them a lot over the last couple of weeks.

the new large planes are being released real soon for an Ipad, iphone

and they will then port them over to the p.c and Mac

I now have a better handle on where they want to go with this sim. In effect they are not going to produce a sim like any other so for the very serious simmer it may not be interesting in so much that they want it to be user friendly.  They dont like to be compared to any other sim, however the vision is in a way similar to what M.S. wanted to do with Flight, but these guys have already got a better sim than flight. They have several new regions coming online over the next couple of months as well however switzerland is stunning. They are aware of certain shortcomings in the current sim which they are addressing when priorities allow,

It is difficult to know to what level of complication they will take aerofly finally, as they want people to enjoy flying without having the complication of spending an hour setting fmc's or mcdu's etc as the think this puts a lot of people off from the word go, they are passionate that the flight physics must be correct and better than anything elase ,and to a degree the planes i have tried are certainly better than fsx already. Their sim is already fun to fly, to bomb around mountains and valleys or pootle around in a glider with realsitic thermals yes it is light compared to FSX but it is entertaining and fun. I found with Flight I was bored before I had finished one flight , yes there were some small aspects where the visuals were better than fsx but in the main it was not the kind of sim that made you want to go and try it again, and if you did you wondered why you had bothered. Aerofly is easy, and I find i DO want to go back and try it again if only to see what is on the other sideof the mountain ahead. The dev team are all pilots and they dont have a small team it is much bigger than XP10 so they are serious about making a good sim their way. After 25 hours I still find that I am finding things that please me . however if you like to do aeros this will allow you to do aeros that fsx can only dream of so at the moment this sim will suit the slow and low brigade, when the big a/c are released i will review them and let you know. I will see if i can find time to do a video over the next few days

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