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Leg 113 - Dublin (EIDW) - Leeds/Bradford (EGNM)

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Hello all!

Well, here we all are again, sitting in our virtual cockpits, waiting to see what challange Mutley will give us next. Well, thats what I'm doing now as this is my last ATWC leg :sadblinky: :sadblinky: :sadblinky: And sorry about the size of the pictures!

Anyway, here we are at Dublin International Airport. It's a big airport, and serves many destinations around the world.

After a guided tour around the complex (cheers Aer Lingus!) I recived a phone call :

Me : Hello?

Russian bloke : Hello, is that Kieran from Mutleys Around the World Challange?

Me : Yes, it is

Russian : Can you do me a favour. Our crew have run out of hours and we need a replacement crew very soon! Otherwise, this Russian goverment will kill us! Not really, but you know what I mean!

Me : Yep, I also need to fly to Leeds/Bradford with the Baton

Russian : The Baton????? I would be delighted to have it on my aircarft......

And so the phone call contiued. I would tell you the rest of it, but it would take ages to type and you will all become bored. He told me to go to Gate 81. Time to get in and drive there. But what I was expecting wasn't this.......



This is a brilliant bird! So, in the cockpit, the crew of 6 (two pilots, two flight engineers, one nav and one translator) and all the other crew on board, time to waken the Ruslan. With Rammstein playing in the background and the roar of the engines coming, this is going to be a good flight!


But first, take a look at these start - up screenies



Our power is from 4 ZMKB Progress/Ivchenko D-18Ts, providing 51590 lbs (23400kg) of thrust each! So that an amazing 206360 lbs (93600kg) in total!





Ready to go


In climb - lifting this giant into the sky is hard so no T/O shots


Anyone have a 240300lb (109 tonne) locomotive to transport? Call these guys - they've done it with a Class 201 loco for Ireland from Canada to Dublin!


Getting higher now


The bulk of her!


And if you all thought the C-5 Galaxy was something with wheels - check this out!


Field in sight




Touch down!


At the end of the runway - taxiing


Sorry about ProTaxi!



Time to unload


And as we leave the aircraft, tears weep down me face to say good-by to the Baton for the last time :sadblinky:

So, here we are, at Leeds

Facts about the AN-124 :

The C-5 Galaxy is 4 times more expensive than the Ruslan and only carries half the load!

Flown for the longest - 12521 miles non-stop, no in flight refueling

Flown a 377438lbs of cargo to 35269ft!

And, the AN-124 costs only $40 million US dollars.

So I leave you all to complete the Challange!


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BRAVO!! :mrhappy:

Great post Kieran, it's surprising, mentioning the challenge and the baton definitely opens doors!

I love that AN-124 she is huge! I bet the local spotters went crazy :mrhappy:

Thanks for bringing the baton back to England.


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Great stuff Kieran!

I know it's sad to say goodbye to the baton but you did it in style!

I think we need to write to the Oxford English Dictionary and ask them to put AN-124 as one of the definitions of BIG!

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??????? :mrhappy:

Well done, Kieran - Yeadon's apron will never be the same!!

All I've got to do is find the baton in that thing......

???? ???????? - ??? :roll:

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