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ATWC Leg 114 : Leeds/Bradford (EGNM) to Cardiff-Wales (EGFF)

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ATWC Leg 114 Leeds/Bradford (EGNM) to Cardiff (EGFF)

Welcome, all, to my eighth (Count 'em! Ed) Leg of the Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge - and Thank You, Joe, for the opportunity to contribute - it's been both fun and educational, a magical experience!

Now, as this is the RAF's 90th Birthday Year, this Leg celebrates with a variety of aircraft, starting with the Scottish Aviation Bulldog - a single engined prop used as a trainer by many airforces worldwide......

The Bulldog will take us to RAF Waddington (EGXW) where we'll swap to a - well, you'll see......

Here we are on the GA apron at Leeds/Bradford (EGNM) or Yeadon, as t' locals prefer to call it (Just down t' road from Harry Ramsdens' chippie, Ed):


Our pilot is waiting patiently for the airport police to bring him the Baton. It appears that an international incident was precipitated when a large Russian transport landed a couple of days ago - the airport was completely cleared of all traffic, and since then only military aircraft have been allowed on the tarmac!

O.K., the Baton's been delivered - and we're OFF!


It's a beautiful day for a flight to Cardiff - enjoy!


Like I said, EGNM's deserted - but it's a nice view over towards Ilkley Moor (Where's tha 'at, Lad? Ed)


When Pam and I were teachers - a long time ago - we used to play golf at Bingley - the course is just ahead of us:


Here's the first turn, at Poll Hill - just off the Pennine Way:


The Derbyshire Peak District has several reservoirs, let's take a closer look:


Here's the Derwent reservoir used for practice by 617 Squadron:


And here's Ladybower - which is similar to the Mohne dam's reservoir:


The famous Millstone Edge - the U.K.'s answer to the Grand Canyon (Not! Ed):


Cottam power station (not Drax, as I thought!) on the River Trent:


Another turn just south of RAF Scampton, 617's home base:


Left hand down-wind leg at Waddington:


...final approach:


...touch down:


That's a Nimrod in the hangar:


Parked up - I'm off looking for a lift to Cardiff:


Here we are - an old friend is taking this E3W Sentry to RAF St Athans for some new equipment to be installed and tested by DARA - the Defence Aviation Repair Agency based there, just west of Cardiff.


She's fitted with the newer CFM engines - a lot more efficient and quieter, too! This shot taken from the fence view-point (for John):




RAF Waddington behind:


That's Rutland Water below and RAF Cottesmore, another Vulcan home, just to port:


Turning west, with the home of young Mutley in the distance:


Bristol Airport and the two Severn Bridges:


Another old stomping ground - Barry Island:


EGFF to port - we'll be back soon:


On the down-wind leg for RAF St Athans:


Turning at Nash Point light-house:


St Athan final approach:


Slowing down:


Parked up by the DARA hangar:


We could walk to Cardiff from here - but let's see if we can get another lift......

What's this - an old Tom-Tit trainer! Go for it!!:


The helmet and goggles fit just fine - here we go:


Up comes the tail:


Now - that's where we're heading - but let's have some fun first:


Make sure I'm strapped in and the Baton is securely stowed:


Watch out below - here comes breakfast:


Mmmm.... that's where we should be - gulp:


Back on an even keel - but what's he doing now?


Oh no - not the viaduct thing....:




A rather shaky final approach:


And down we go:


And here we are at the gate.....


That's it from me - thanks for keeping up - only another three Legs to go, and we'll be there!

Just a couple of credits -

SA Bulldog from Tim "Piglet" Conrad, E3W Sentry from HJG and Tom-Tit by Ted Cook;

EGNM by Dave Diggory, Waddington scenery by John Young and UKMIL team and EGFF by Terry Shields.

But a BIG THANKS again to "Young Mutley" for setting all this up. :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :bowdown:

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Ah ha! Thought you would sneak this one in when no one was looking!

A great final leg Dai I really enjoyed it :thum: Fantastic choice of aircraft, something for everyone. The Horizon scenery really helped to point out those landmarks.

An epic journey well executed very educational and witty as always, have you got your tractor ready at EGFF? Imagine the queue behind you would get driving home :thum:

Thanks for being one of the cornerstones of the challenge Dai it wouldn't have been half as good without your contribution :bowdown:


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Wow, a military three-fer. You can't beat that with a stick. Well chosen and well flown.

Nice work Dai and the fence wasn't bad either, though I prefer the kind you can see through.


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Great leg Dai, some great landmark pointing out, especially the reservoirs in the Peak District.

On a different note, and one that i just stumbled upon...At this moment in time Mutley has 2992 posts...the Standard Pressure Setting in Inches of Mercury!

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Great shots!

Sorry about the big Russian transport-thingy (The Russian comes in here : IT's AN ANTONOV AN-124!!!)

Nice fine Phil!

Unfortunatly, I came in too late, but still did 2 legs!


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An interesting flight and so close to home. Loved the landmark spotting especially waddington. Here is hoping the RAF airshow does not get a cancelation this year. A great post Dai, again.


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Super Dai, just super! :yes: A great variety of aircraft and scenery, I like the look of the Bulldog! The VFR scenery complements your flights perfectly and made for very interesting commentary. Well done on one cracker of a leg :-)

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