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Leg 115 Cardiff EGFF - Jersey EGJJ

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Hi Guys,

First of all sorry for posting this up late.

Well with this leg i was stuck for what plane i was going to use, i didn't know weather i wanted to use a small plane, medium plane, or big plane, i wanted to bring you something that you dont see everyday. Taking into account that Cardiff and Jersey are not the biggest of airports and that being any normal flights most people would take something small or meduim, Welll not me, i pulled out my Airbus Series vol 2 and picked the Airbus A330-200 In Airbus livery, Thats right! your eyes are not playing tricks on you :yes: the A330-200! i have picks this for 2 resons, 1, being that its not something i do everyday and 2, Well its a bit of a must do for me, Cardiff has a shortest runway, and Jersey is small so im looking forward to landing my big bird on that runway, i've never tried this before so i dont know how this will turn out in the end but what better way then to try it out on ATWC, Ready to try? Lets go then!

This is my route, 15,000Feet with just 1 VOR and 1 intersection that i will be turning off at if Runway 9 is still active



We will be using Runway 30 via taxiway F, E, A, Getting the route into the FMC (not hard this 1) :P


So as we pushback i fire up the engines and check check oh and check again that i have the baton


Slight power to get us on the move, With just 35% fuel and no passengers we are lightish


Quite a busy day at Cardiff today


Out of no where a 757 pulls out infront of me, Just lucky i was going slow



So as i get cleared for take-off its a rolling 1 so i can get as much speed as i can


as tower watchs



We make the left turn at 250knts


from another view


As we just about pass 8,000





So, we have about 15 minutes of flight to do and we are about to pass the interscetion



Like i said, i would be using Runway 9 if it will still active and it is so, Its gear down and flaps full, this is the test


Im aiming to come in as slow as i can, So if i do make a late touch down i wont run off the end


As a spotter takes this shot, i did come in abit to high BUT i was ready for it, thats why i came in slow, So still enough time to land


We are down and as soon as i landed it was a hard stop but Guess what?


i made it!!! i came to a stop just in time to exit the very very last taxiway and now making my way back to gate 1


Pulling in slowly



Thanks for viewing guys, i know i am not as good as Reef or any other of you guys but its a try and i hope you enjoy.

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Great leg there, with your usual high quality of shots, AirbusLad! (Or AirbusLand as we could call you now!)

Interesting aircraft choice for thar route but we haven't seen many or the larger Airbuses (Don't you think the plural should be 'Airbi' :yes: ) on the challenge so far so it made a change.


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Great flight, great shots...

I have to say this though...leave it it to the French to put the nav lights on the wrong wingtips. :rofl


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Hi Josh,

Great shots and PIREP It's good to see the flight plan too.

Lots of traffic make the shots interesting as does your presentation, well done.

Thanks for running the A330 through its paces for the challenge and getting the baton to Jersey :yes:


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Great leg into one of my favourite British Airports sceneries! Loved the shots and good commentary too, nice one! :yes:

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