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ATWC Leg 117 EGLL - EGHI the final chapter

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:cool: to the final leg of the Around The World Challenge.


First off, thanks to Panos and the Iron Maiden tour bus for delivering the baton safely from Jersey.

Our aim was to traverse the globe carrying the baton along the way. March 4th 2007 heralded the beginning of the challenge starting from Southampton, now leg 117 brings the baton full circle back to EGHI.

Thanks to the the other 18 pilots and of course Sharon who have helped make the ATWC an unqualified success :clap:

What fitting aircraft for this very short flight, the Spitfire, whose spiritual home is also Southampton.

Along the way we will meet up with some other aircraft thanks to FS Recorder, these shots have only been reduced in size otherwise no edits.

I hope you enjoy this flight.

mutlogo.jpg Mut

Having received the baton from Panos in a low key ceremony I am thankful the weather is favourable!


We're over in the south of the field in the cargo area, a couple of other light-weights are here too :cool:


Poking my nose out to the main taxiway.


I zig-zag my way past the EL-AL cargo building.


Watching the airshow that is 09L! The Air Seychelles is having to go around.


We're up next, although I know I will have to push my way in, don't they know what an important task I am on!?


As the Airbus vacates I think I have enough runway ahead.


I have got to get a move on before I am over taken by the Airbus.


Tail up, passing over the the hallowed 09R!


We're off and gaining speed before..


A steep climb and exit left :whis: The rebuilding is still taking place below on the centre complex of T1 -T3.


Turning downwind the traffic is way below, I'm not sure ATC will like this :lalala:


Meanwhile I am being stalked by a Hurricane keen to show his respect.


Turning south over the infamous T5.


Still a huge queue for 09R.


Muddy reservoirs below.


Captain Smithers in the Hurricane now pulling along side.


"I say, Tally-ho old chap, marvellous achievement, be careful not to prang the kite on the way!"


With a waggle of the wings to acknowledge Smithers I peel off to the right roughly towards Farnborough.


At the same time the Hurricane breaks to the left, just like the old days!


Talking of Farnborough, our man "allardjd" has tipped off the Reds about our challenge.


Discussing the route with Red 1 (We will call him Maverick....... Why? Ed!) but they will have to hurry as Mutley has already covered a third of the distance.


Job done, muhahhaha!


Meanwhile, our hero Mutley is still heading for the South coast unaware.


Maverick takes off ahead to get a location on the Spitfire.


Followed smartly by 2 groups of 4 Reds.


The crowd are wondering what is going on, we didn't see this in the program!


A fellow Spitfire looks on.


The others go off to prat around for a while whilst Maverick re-traces the leg 117 flight plan :giggle:


Maverick has a small snigger, if the RAF where in charge, T5 would .....


Within minutes the target was found pottering along.


Da da da da .. what the..! Mutley stops his karaoke to welcome Red1


"We're all behind you Mutters!" :thum:


Then the rest come along and we formate for a while :ap: :ap: :ap:


The nine then take off to form their groups again.


Now Team A are hammering towards me!


Over the top.


And break, we are out in the English Channel about to turn towards Bembridge on the I.O.W


Now heading toward Fawley on our last section. Team B pull off the same manoeuvre as the other team! :bored:


But not this close!


Maverick is back to taunt me!


On final, it's gone strangely quiet?


Behind you!


The moment the Spitfire touches down the Hawk screams past displaying the blue smoke to signify the batons safe return! :dance:


A celebration roll then back to Farnborough. (I'm sure the prop was turning when I took this shot!)


A time warp, the airport before it was re-built, a lot of the old hangars the Spit may well recognise.


I included this picture as I used to work in that office with the slopey roof before it was knocked down.


Engine off, just relishing the moment and the un-characteristic fine weather.


We're home, the baton is back home! :dance2:


Thanks to all of you who have taken part :clap: :rockon:

The roll of honour-












Joe Ellwood







The ATWC hall of fame is presently on the ATWC button on the Mutley's Hangar tool bar, this shows number of flights and distances flown.

I recommend you get the tool bar if not, here is the board.


The baton is now back on its holder! (Thanks John :cool: )


Cheers byecry-1.gif

ps Sorry this is a day earlier than promised but I won't be around Tuesday night.

To see all 116 previous legs look at the resource tab on the ATWC micro site here http://www.mutleyshangar.com/atwc click on the leg and it should take you to the flight on the forum.

..We will be back! :yes:

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Wow! Now that flight is a piece of work!!! A fitting finale to an amazing marathon. I'm honored to have been a part of it and all who did should be proud of themselves. These kinds of things normally die a natural death somewhere in the middle - this one kept on...and on and on, going strong right up to a great finish.

Thanks, Mutley, for providing the site and the idea and the inspiration and perseverance to keep it all on track and going strong.

There's nothing else on the web like MH and those who people it. Finest kind! I'm proud be counted amongst you.


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W O W!

An amazing end to an amazing journey!

Who'd have thought, when flew leg 2 in the Learjet45, that the challenge would grow into what it did?

I would like to say thankyou and well done on everyone on here for making it such an enjoyable experience, and especially for Mutley for hosting the challenge.

I don't know what I'll do without it!

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An amazing end to the baton's tour Mut!!!!

Thanks for letting me in it, ahh the enjoyable times in the Antonov 124!!!

:lalala: :dance2: :rockon: :yes: :cool::cool: :good

As it says above, the whole challange was a great idea!


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Absolutely amazing leg!

Very very good send off to this fantastic challenge!

And i wish i could have had more participation but i did enjoy my part!

Wow well done guys, i take my hats off to you all, specially you Mut!


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Firstly I havn't been on the forum for ages now in which I would like to apologise. I have been tracking a few routes on here, but never got to see them all and now I think I should of and perhaps even participated myself. Although I thought I would comment as I think these are AMAZING and even though I haven't seen them all I think this is a perfect ending to the tour. :cool:

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First - and most importantly:


A terrific finale to the ATWC and a really brilliant combination of all the skills you've brought to the Hangar and shared with us over the last 16 months.


(O.K. - What's your second point then? Ed) Oh yeah:

What's next....?!?

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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What can I say Joe? Absolutely marvellous! A really spectacular end to what has been a spectacular journey. Thanks to all those who have taken part and thanks to you Joe! This has to be far and away the best interactive challenge the web ever did see. It was the best use of 83,820nm of FS scenery I have ever seen :dance2:

Well done for getting us home in style, and thanks again buddy :wink:



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What can I say, Joe? You definately brought the baton home in style. What an amazing post.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the ATWC, however much input you made, and especially to Joe for organising everything. For all the flights that I haven't commented on, I apologise, but I will have a quick look over all the flights now to see how well everyone has done. It has been an honour to take part in this competition, and I can't wait to take part in another in the (hopefully) near future! :thum:

Best Regards,


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