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FSX Steam edition released!

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... So much for 'we can fix bugs, but not make improvements' I suppose it depends what they deem as a bug!


For Train Sim, a bug is usually something which:

Stops TS booting or fixing CTD's - if they get a report of this, usually they will inspect and patch within a few days, week at the most.  Of all their faults and issues, one thing they don't like is people not being able to use the product at all.

Fixing major errors with a route or a piece of rolling stock, such as objects where they shouldn't be, like trees on the track, or the best one from this week, adding an entire train set to a newly published route because it was 'accidentally left out'


Minor items are however, ignored. Items such as, incomplete bridges or track floating in mid air, or the train horn sound not working at all from within the drivers cab.  They seem to assume that the casual player won't notice these things; yet they stand out to the hardcore fans. Only they know what will be classed as a bug.


Although I have to say that just recently, as in the last couple of months, DTG have been ok at dealing with major bugs, they have rolled out a few patches just recently to address major issues, so maybe just maybe, they are trying to correct their past.

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So I don't want to put a downer on this but; having just glanced through PMDG's forum, more specifically their stance on this FSX Steam Edition, Robert Randazzo has posted there, that PMDG and a few other FSX developers (doesn't say who) were in a partnership up against DTG in bidding for the FSX licence.  Just imagine what that could have resulted in!


However (this is the downer part) Robert goes on to say in a separate post the following:

"I am quite concerned about the long term side of the FSX franchise under it's current stewardship.  It wound up in the hands of a group that is primarily interested in profit and return on investment for their investors.

The group with which we partnered was far more interested in the growth of the community, and the sustainability of the freeware and third party community.

While the initial FSX release will allow for continued freeware and third party work- one need only look to the utter collapse of what was once a robust developer community surrounding trainsim to see the future.

May I be wrong?  I hope so...  but I am also benefiting from experience here..."

I would link, but I'm not sure if that's allowed, but this is taken from Robert Randazzo of PMDG from their forum.


What do you make of that then?  Me, well that would be on the first page of this topic.

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Information from A2A that a new version of FSUIPC has been released :




Other post from A2A :


I'm loving having FSX on steam, the all under one roof is great and the introductionary price is a great gesture. I cant see how this new blood (Steam celebrated 6million accounts recently so even a small percentage of this would go a long way) can be a bad thing for the flight simulation genre. 

For customers of our aircraft I've posted this to help with the installation into the new directory;



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