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FlyTampa Toronto released

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FlyTampa Have just announced the release of FlyTampa- Toronto for FSX and P3DV2.


-Terminal Interior Models with custom Glass reflection maps
-Animated 3D Ramp Workers
-New night lighting technique
-Animated apron vehicles and static objects
-Seasonal ground changes (Summer, Fall, Winter)
-Nearby surroundings with numerous custom buildings
-3D Terrain including tunnels and bridges

More here - http://www.flytampa.org/cyyz.html

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I don't have any Fly Tampa airports (because I only fly around the UK and Ireland), but they make some really impressive looking airport packages.


Chris, I tread to hang around the UK but for a change I have Fly Tampa's Hong Kong Kai Tak, VHHX the old one with the dogleg "Checkerboard" approach and it is excellent + good fps on my medium grade pooter.


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I am sorely tempted by some of the beautiful airport packages from around the world, Geoff. In fact, I quite often do nothing more than taxi, take off, circuit, land and taxi back to the terminal at all of my large detailed UK airports, so I could theoretically do the same elsewhere in the world!

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If you like a challenging approach, a realistic rendition of Hong Kong and a cramped, congested airport then Kai Tak is a must. Flown into there RW and you're eye level with the occupants of the high rises. Check out Kai Tak crosswind landings on utube. :thum:

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