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Quick survey - help appreciated

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Hi Lads and Lasses. If any of you have a spare couple of minutes, could you help me by doing a very short 10 question survey, please? It's 'homework' for a market research type course I'm doing via the internet and they've asked us to design a simple survey, based on a subject they have chosen, and get 'friends' to complete it. Here's the link:


The subject is not flight sim, and I'd be unhappy discussing it on the Forum because of our general 'keep to flight sim topics' rule.

If/when you get to the survey and you're not particularly bothered, that's O.K. - no,worries. If you do the survey and might be interested in the results, then please PM me rather than replying to this post.

Many thanks for your help.

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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Did it. Question #10 is poorly worded. Do I think what is a good idea, Scotland and Wales not wanting fracking, or fracking? I assumed the former but the wording could be improved.

By the way, we don't have a flight sim only rule, but agree with not bringing this one up, for selfish reasons. I don't have the time it would cost me.


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Completed, good luck with the course. :)


9 & 10 gave me pause because it's not that I do not know the answers but would prefer to expand on the questions as my answer would fall in between yes and no. Always happens to me on surveys. :D 

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