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Saitek driver load issue.

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My neighbour is an FS enthusiast like me.  I sometime help him out with PC issues, but last night I came across an issue with Saitek drivers that had me stumped.  This is it:


His Saitek software, drivers and programming software had become corrupted. Access the programming software and the programming window would open but not show anything in it. effectively it was a blank frame of sorts.


When I tried to un-install the Saitek software, looked for an uninstall program but there was none, so I attempted to uninstall from the control panel.  There were two distinct programs in the control panel, one of which un-installed correctly, and the other did not. stating that a file was locked by another process.


The next thing I attempted was a re-install over the current one. This failed when a the install program detected an existing install.  It asked if i wanted to uninstall the old version.  I clicked yes and then yes/all to a message asking it I wanted to over write the previously installed files.  This time another error with a different message appeared along the lines of: unable to access C:\Program.


Naturally there was no "c:\ program" directory, only the usual pair of windows 7 program files directories. so an overwrite was no good. So I tried a manual uninstall and discovered that the locked file was the setup.exe file in the temp directory.  So I deleted the contents of the temp directory, first killing the setup process.  A re-install hit the same issue, and was still detecting a previous install.


Next I went through exactly the same process but this time looked at Registry entries for Saitek. I found some under the local machine entry set and removed them, there were no others. A re-install still detected an old version and failed in the way mentioned above. and replaced the files and registry entries I had removed as well as the all of the files. I was at a loss what to do next and as it was late I went home.


So to be clear: no matter what I did a control panel un-install error happened with the non-existent directory as the reason and a re-install error occurred with a file lock error. An attempt at a fresh install always became an uninstall as the process always detected an old version.


Can anyone help with a solution.  A full manual install might help or a way of repairing the un-install process.


Thanks JG 

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