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Multiplayer aircraft substitution.

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I have had an issue with black aircraft in multiplayer sessions.  This raises several questions:


How do I nominate replacement aircraft if I don't have the correct aircraft installed?

How to ensure that the textures show if i have the aircraft installed (which isn't happening always) ? 

Can I use AI aircraft for replacement aircraft?

If I hide an aircraft paint FSX doesn't seem to see the textures for this aircraft. I use the livery manager in SimStarter to do the hiding.  


Any tips or tricks would be good



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John, if you remember, for the first leg of the current ATWC, when we flew Multi-Player (MP), I asked everyone to let me know their exact aircraft Name. This Name is exchanged between the various MP Players and used by each individual FSX system to display the correct aircraft. This name is defined on the first line of the section of the Players' aircraft.cfg that refers to the specific livery/texture required for that choice, and is the aircraft selected by the Player when joining the MP session.

Now, clearly, I don't have everyone's aircraft, so, by asking for their exact Name, I could then make a new livery/texture section in the aircraft.cfg file of the appropriate default or payware aircraft in my hangar that came as close as possible for each Player's choice of aircraft. When I joined the MP session, my FSX 'recognised' the other Players' aircraft Names as they were already 'registered' in my hangar - all except for Jess, who had a last minute problem with her Me109 and substituted her Mescherschmidt Jet. The latter, turned up in my FSX as a Bombardier in Hawaiian Air livery - very colourful, but not a particularly good match with all the other Spitfires and Me109's! Mind you, this was much better than a session a couple of years ago when Jess turned up - in my FSX - flying a 'Follow Me Car'!!

So, that's a possible answer. I'm not sure, but I think that AI aircraft won't work, as only aircrft in your 'flyable' hangar can be used in MP sessions.

Hope that helps - and I hope my explanation is coherent!

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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Thanks Dai.  I will have to revisit my liveries and see if I can tweak them a bit with your ideas in mind.


I tend to try to keep the number of versions of my aircraft down to make them more manageable. I do this by using SimStarter's livery manager. This is clearly not working for me.


Has anyone come across a livery manager that doesn't remove the textures from multiplayer availability?



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