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I am trying to build a paint kit for an aircraft that has not got one.


The aircraft has a mottled "skin" and I am trying to create a layered image with the various details in them.  


So far I have:

  • Created a base layer of the overall colour.
  • Extracted the easily selectable parts of the image to an otherwise transparency layer.
  • Selected parts of the image that are obviously different by colour to a separate transparent layer. (Manual selection)

What I need to do next is:

  • To pull out details such as lines and rivets to a separate layer
  • To pull out any camo colours - these are a different shade of the main base level.

These two are hard to do as:

  • The camo colours are similar to the lines and rivets colour
  • The dirt has a sprayed effect and is therefore blended to the base colour.

I use the Gimp for my image building/editing, and a separate tool called DXTBmp for image conversion where required.


Any help on techniques would be good.



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