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Save 30% on all existing Aerosoft Night Environment product line!!!

Our entire product line for Night Environment v1.x is about to get a face lift with a brand NEW v1.7

the new 1.7 version will include new enhancements and our new NE.X.Manager!

thanks to v1.7 redesigned architecture and NEXM;

further enhancements can be delivered to enrich night flying,

the new v1.7 and up line will also cost roughly 30% higher than current pricing,

the good news are; if you pick up your preferred region now,

the new v1.7 line will be a free upgrade for existing customers.


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Thank you Brett,

looking forward to it as well :)

i think you guys/gals will appreciate the new manager and wealth features it now delivers in a new GUI,

we will be able to continue building over the new architecture; to further enhance night flight immersion,

as usual these updates are always free for our loyal customers :)

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she is coming out this week Kevin :)
NE v2 France will be the first region we will release with our new NEXM
immediately after that all existing v1.x will be updated to v1.7 with NEXM as well ;)
(the update is actually complete new installer; it’s not technically an update its a whole new version redesigned from the ground up)

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how do I go about getting the 1.1 update for British Isles? The Aerosoft launcher says it can't be done from there.

Hi Adrian,

v1.1 was not a standalone update; is actually a full installer you need to download from Aerosoft or the Shop you originally purchased through (its free)

it includes our newer light models (at the time of release) with improved performance as well as supporting libraries for P3D v2.4 and up!

i believe if you download the latest installer through AS launcher; it will be the latest v1.2

the newest v2.0 & 1.7 will have newer and improved libraries; since we published them in v1.0/1.1/1.2

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I have just checked my British Isles NE on Aerosoft and it's presently at V 1.10. So hopefully it will magically update soon to V1.7 too?


Looking forward to France V2 as well, definitely on my list I can see a hop from Dover to Calais on the books!

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it sure will Joe :thum:

although it’s not going to be a standalone update; it is a new full installer that should be available to you as soon as the upgrade is made available by AS,

Night Environment France should be released today; we are minutes away from the official release :)

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