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Keypad NumLock riddle.

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On my FS PC I have a standard keyboard and a small keypad.


I want the keypad to start up with NumLock off.  The default seems to be on.


My PC has an MSI BIOS that has no NumLock setting in it and so I cant control it from there.


I have tried changing the registry setting for InitialKeyboardIndicators to 0 but changing only has an effect on the main keyboard.


Any other suggestions on how I can do this?


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if you don’t reboot often; then a temp solution could be to use the onscreen keyboard to disable NumLock key


For a permanent solution; i have to side with James there, time for a new keyboard John,

i picked up the Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 over a year and a half ago for $29 (I only use the keyboard from the combo)

i haven’t changed the battery in the keyboard since i turned it on!

no cables or wires; and i love that it has an ON/OFF switch to save energy (not that i ever used it)

the MK270 is a simple and classic design; no bells and whistles,

just a plain vanilla straight forward keyboard; with keys where you’re expecting them to be :)

(it’s the only wireless I found that looks and feels like the old school plain keyboard)

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Hmm, the numeric keypad takes us away from straight forward registry changes, you would need a dedicated driver/ controller program to change this, I think you are fooked.


If you don't get a sensible or educated reply from someone else then buy a new, non-busted numpad, they seem cheap enough to outweigh the inconvenience. 

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A trip to the local recycling centre is my first call, you will be amazed as to what computer stuff is dumped. I recently picked up what looked brand new a 600 watt PC power supply. Got it back to my workshop to find the only problem was the cooling fan was stuck. Ten minutes later fixed and a spare power supply on the self!!!!





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I wonder what the mean time to failure for the new one will be?




I guess it depends on what value they've put into the Warranty Monitor Timer circuit.  It's on the same chip with the User Stress Level Monitor circuit.  When either reaches the preset value, the unit fails, permanently for the first one, just temporarily, with random odd effects and incomprehensible error message boxes for the second.



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