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Loving the series Graeme.

Definitely need something low and slow to appreciate the beauty of our coastline.

When you get round to my neck of the woods, i can heartily recommend a jar of Boon Doggle or Old Thumper with your fish'n'chips.. 'Doggling' might not be quite as much fun as 'Badgering', but when in Rome ;)

Look forward to the next leg

p.s. Noticed the dodgy pair at Beccles too...just wondering if they were also responsible for nicking 2 of the wheels on the van round the other side of the hangar...?

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Leg 4 of the journey would see us moving on quite quickly. There were a series of airshows planned for Armed Forces Day on 27th June 2015 and with some flight restrictions we decided to leave Lydd quite late into the night and fly IFR to Southampton EGHI to see if we could meet up with Joe and Steph for some Boon Doggle and a bite to eat. Given the late hour it would seem that we may be scuppered in our quest for the drink but I'm sure we would muster something up over the next couple of days. The plan was to pick up Seaford (SFD) VOR along the coast and then follow Southampton (SAM) VOR before and ILS landing at EGHI runway 20. As we set off we were a little sad that we would miss the lovely south coast scenery but time was of the essence.


The Flight Plan


The lights were on but nobody was home


​Only 22:00 hours but we needed every bit of light the moon could give us


Down over Eastbourne (if you can see it)


The moon watching over us as we are on finals approaching EGHI


Down and secured for the evening


Fearing the wrath of Mrs Mutley we decided that a late call wasn't in order and would meet over breakfast at Halladay's Tearooms


For a "hearty" breakfast


Not to miss out we grabbed a few Boon Doggle for later in the day 


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Great leg and some of the best nighttime pic's I've seen. :thum: A shame you missed that part of the coast, it is my favorite flying grounds. Maybe after breakfast Joe will take you for a spin. :)


That breakfast made my heart jump out of my chest just looking at it. Please tell me it is brunch, it makes my oatmeal and toast look like cardboard.  :D



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