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The Relaunch of Crash 'n Trash Cargo

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After coming under scrutiny from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for questionable maintenance practices and inadequate pilot training procedures, Crash 'n Trash Cargo had its AOC suspended pending rectification of the identified transgressions.  Being part of the Fly By Night Group of Companies, this presented a problem for the parent organisation as Crash 'n Trash Cargo was one of the more profitable operations in the Group.  Consequently, and due to the state of the financial affairs of the Fly By Night Group, all the assets of Crash 'n Trash Cargo were sold off, and all staff, except the Manager, Pilot Training, Manager, Maintenance Quality Assurance, and company mascot, Two Dogs, were made redundant.  The company was placed under a holding company, Waitawhile Holdings, another member of the Fly By Night Group.  Crackatinnie Consulting (yes, you guessed it, another member of the Fly By Night Group) were then appointed to sort through the web of deception, lies, and corrupt management practices and have Crash 'n Trash's AOC reinstated.


Now, after four years in the outback wilderness, Crash 'n Trash Cargo, have avoided having their AOC permanently revoked, and having it finally reinstated, they have relaunched operations.  With, literally, two men and a dog, the minimum of capital, and all but abandoned by Fly By Night, the company resumed operations on 10 June 2015 with a single, somewhat discarded, Cessna 172S 'Skyhawk SP' picked up on the cheap, from a middle eastern used aircraft salesman.  I was appointed from the Fly By Night Group as the company's new Managing Director and Chief Pilot, and with the company's new base of operations at Avalon (YMAV), it provided great flexibility with its 10,126 foot, ILS equipped runway, and an opportunity to expand quickly. 


Quickly re-establishing, Crash 'n Trash's reputation, along with its cash flow and profit, now three men, and a dog worked around the clock to, once again, position the company as a force in the air cargo business.  No contract was too difficult and everything was fair game (including undercutting and the passing of the odd brown paper bag or two). The day after operations were recommenced, the opportunity arose to purchase a Cessna 185F on usedaircraftsales.com.  This would give us a much needed increase in useful load capacity and the 'Skyhawk SP' was quickly traded for the 185F.


The 2nd Hand Cessna 185F Added Much Needed Capacity



Another week of contracts and satisfactory deliveries and Crash 'n Trash Cargo were again ready to upgrade.  Business had been profitable, and the purchase of a new Cessna 207 'Skywagon' was the order of the day.  After getting screwed on the trade-in of the 185F, the 'Skywagon' was pressed into service to recoup the loss.


The Company's New Cessna 207



Dawn Flight to Start a Long Day Behind the Yoke



By now, the company's reputation was sufficiently stable that the banks came sniffing around with offers of loans - and Two Dogs sniffed out a few loan sharks as well.  So, 12 days after being back in the air, a modest loan was taken out, a new Cessna 404 'Titan' added to what was now technically a fleet of aircraft again, and a new base added at Albury (YMAY) along with a second pilot (hmmm, always liked women in uniform).


Fantastic Range and Excellent Useful Load Capacity



Night Finals to YMAV Rwy 36



The next four days were frantic, not just for the flying, but also because of more financial horse trading as another two new aircraft, a Cessna U206G 'Stationair 6 II' and a mint condition Cessna 185F, two additional pilots (the market just seems to be awash with female pilots), and a new base at Launceston (YMLT) were added.


Another Great Utility Aircraft



Even the Bigger Boys have to Wait for Crash 'n Trash Cargo



...And So Too Does the Boss in the 'Titan'...A Rare Meeting Between Two Company Aircraft



A Piece of Nostalgia...It Will Serve the Company Well.



So, here we are!  Four years on and 16 days after the company started kicking the tyres and removing the wheel chocks each day.  Business is booming and expansion plans are in the pipeline.  However, due to confidentiality clauses and Non Disclosure Agreements, not to mention the competition, I am not in a position to reveal any more about these plans at this time.


POST SCRIPT.  My thanks to Captain Coffee (Matt), Corsaire31 (Loic), jaydor (James), UKJim, et al, who have reinvigorated my obsessive passion with Air Hauler.

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Excellent work there Andrew, nice that you gave Crash 'n Trash Cargo back up and running. These hauling companies certainly have many trials and tribulations.

Really enjoyed the update, plus some lovely shots :thum:

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Some crazy times and you walked away without a scratch, payoffs not included, :whis: kudos to C&TC personnel for bringing it back to the forefront of cargo hauling superstars. :clapping:


I can't believe I do not have that C185F taildragger yet, it's a beauty. :thum:



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:D Terrific restart. The Fleet Expansion starts happening rather quickly doesn't it? Once folks hear you are serious about hauling cargo around it is amazing how many out of work pilots start loitering around, regrettably most with crappy employment histories, finding the good ones can be a challenge. Finding good planes however has not been a problem for you...all terrific. I have all those except for the 207, but have hauled many tons in a 206.


I imagine you would have had some hefty back rents due unless your Fly by Night subsidiary of subsidiary of subsidiaries managed to get you restarted from scratch...I suspect that is the case given you were left to start with a crappy...venerable...C172SP. :D


Cheers, and happy hauling!



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Great report ! :thum:   I'm glad if our own postings decided you to get your old company back in business.  As I intend to fly around Australia next winter for probably a few months, I might see some of your planes around, looking at the speed at which your fleet expands...  :)

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