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July 2015 - How high can you fly?

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How high can you fly?


Thanks to Jan Kees for this months theme  :hat:


How high can you fly? We would like to see any shot from flight sim that shows an aircraft at very high altitude.



Also note, "Like" button is for general forum use but won't be considered in judging the competition.


Competition closes July 31st 2015 @ 23:59 UTC


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Enough of this banter - back to the job in hand.....can I say that? :th_blush:


Punching above its weight...A '50's aircraft at 60,000ft with 3/4 of Wales visible below





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60,00 ft above Rogers Dry Lake after taking off from Edwards AFB in an F-20 Tigershark that has a 55,000ft service ceiling.  Porbably could have gone higher but my CO frowns upon pushing the limits :P


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Project USAF-Icarus; Over Crete in a Blade Electric Experimental, an appropriate place for a feather weight to reach for the sun.

I pegged the altimeter at 32,000 feet. The autopilot said I got as high as 32,500 before turning around to land.




Lionheart Blade, ORBx Global, ASN weather.

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