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Around Europe at war.

Around the world   

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  1. 1. I am thinking of doing a world tour along the lines of my ATWC adventures

    • Yes, I would be an avid reader
    • I couldn't give a toss
    • For pitys sake no don't do it.

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The Cycle of Life keeps us Pedaling hard to keep up and sometimes just keeping our seat or hanging on can be a challenge, thankfully, the Cycle of Life has Bars for that.   A toast to you si

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my thoughts are with you JG, hang in there mate, life can be very hard at times, I can confirm that after the last couple of weeks of devastation our family has recently suffered, but hopefully we can all find a smile and remember  and look forward to better times.....hope you and your family fins a way through buddy....

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Thanks Matt, Brett and Wayne.


Shit happens, all the relatives are in their '80s and '90s so it is no surprise really.  However, coming all at once is.



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Wow it is over a year since I posted here.

At last I am beginning to get more free time for FS things. I must get back to continuing this little adventure, if I can figure out where I intended to go next.

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