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Scenery add issues

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Hi Guys, I am starting to have an issue now adding scenery (airports/fields) to my FSX Steam Edition. All was going well then last week I bought an ORBX addon, as usual I got the warning that the scenery.cfg could not be found but I was able to add via the in sim ADD menu. Now I am trying to do the same with UK2000 Bristol/Birmingham Extreme. It may be that I am missing something but when I try to add it tells me there is nothing there, I have loaded a picture. (the 2nd blue screen is my 7 inch tablet)


I am nearly at the stage now where I fully uninstall all FSXSE and pay £40 for disc copy (mine was damaged), other than this I have no issues with Steam but like I said I may well be causing the problem by not adding correctly, as for the software not finding scenery.cfg I have always got around that but now I seem to be stuffed.


Any help appreciated, wonder if anyone will be selling FSX at Weston Flight Sim this weekend....







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I have looked through registry and found an entry left over from fsx classic but I am guessing the problem maybe due to steam changing the lication of scenery.cfg... but I am happy to be wrong...

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Hi Wayne, only just picked up on this.


From what you are saying I am  guessing you are having the age old FSX problem of manually adding scenery areas to the scenery library?


There is a bug in that when you have browsed to  the scenery folder and click on the ok button, nothing happens? If so, add the scenery and browse to the point where you would click  OK, but in stead of clicking the  button,  click  in the white space below the folders you show and the sim should add the scenery layer ok.


If you need clarification, get back to me here or we can try and sort it out at the FSC Weston on Saturday  :)

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This was an answer I gave to a member the other day, same goes for you:

Yes you can move your MegaSceneryEarth folder over to your second disk. But you have to tell FSX where to look for it by going to setting and selecting the scenery tab.

Follow the pickies:

Click the Add Area


Select the Disk and then select the File (MSE Calif).. Click OK


Now follow cearfully: Press OK and the Directory window will turn blue (highlighted)

You have to place your mouse curser inside the window and click left button.


The added file will always go to number 1, then you can place it in the stack as you please.


Hope you can understand this way as it would have taken a mouthful to explain in words..

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Thanks for your help guys....I think a lot of my issues stem from initially have fsx classic then having to go to steam..seems there may have been bits left behind that i didnt see in the registry...seem to have sorted now with full clearout and reinstal...


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