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**** The Americas - Destination ideas please **** Locked ***

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Hi gang

It's time I started getting permissions for the next region, this will be North, Central and South America.

So we are back mainly over land, I think this could be one of the most interesting sections spanning again both hemispheres and more airports than you can shake a stick at.

I reckon we could be looking at 12 - 15 legs. (Could be more the way it's going!)

This is not a definitive list but so far I have already had suggestions for-


KLAX - Los Angeles Airport (Likely to be the first leg)

KLAS - Las Vegas - McCarran Intl

KORD - Chicago - O'Hare

KCGX - Chicago - Meigs (In honour of MSFS!)

KIAG - Niagara Fills Intl

CNC4 - Guelph Ontario (Because I got relatives there!)

CYYZ - Toronto - Pearson

KTPA - Tampa Intl


TNCM - Princess Juliana Airport - Saint Maarten (How could we not go there!)


SPIM Lima - Jorge Chavez International Airport -Peru

SAEZ - Buenos Aires - Ministro Pistarini International - Argentina

SAWG - Rio Gallegos - Norberto Fernandez Airport - Argentina

EGYP - Port Stanley - Mount Pleasant Airport - Falkland Islands (This would be our final destination on the Americas leg)

Please can you have a think about this and come up with some obvious and some not so obvious and interesting destinations.

Once we get enough destinations I can get a map and departure board drawn up.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point please do not ask to fly particular legs as obviously if you suggest a location I know you would probably like to fly to/from there but will not be allocating flights yet :mrhappy:

So thinking caps on, when we get suggestions in I will add to the list above.


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Hi Joe.... Can i suggest a leg that i'd like to fly personally? i know it says that were not allowed to do this in your post, but it would really mean alot to me.

The leg would be: Ministro Pistarini International, Buenos Aires - Argentina (SAEZ) to Mount Pleasant Airport, Port Stanley - Falkland Islands (EGYP) VIA Norberto Fernandez Airport, Rio Gallegos - Argentina (SAWG) then this would open up the possibility of a short hop onward to Antarctica in a light aircraft for somebody else - an FSX flight maybe??

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Possible US destinations, in no particular order and with no particular preferences...

Meigs Field (RIP) in Chicago would be fitting. It would have to be in FS9, as I believe

it had already been converted to a city park when FSX was compiled.

A beautiful venue and useful field that literally had the runways bulldozed without warning

by city road crews after the tower closed at 10:00 PM one night on the orders of the

mayor. It took weeks for all the aircraft stranded there to get out after painful

negotiations with the FAA to permit them to fly off the taxiways, which he thoughtfully

left intact for a while.

It may be off the beaten path for us, but there's a nice little strip on Mackinac

Island, where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet, near the famous Mackinac bridge.

I've landed a Skyhawk there in real life (on the island, not the bridge). Someone once

flew a B-52 under the bridge, so I suspect one of us could do something similar, maybe

even inverted.

Key West is kind of neat, and there are a couple of interesting features nearby that

are modeled in FS9. One is a tethered balloon site operated by the Navy.

The balloons carry an antenna for transmitting to the population of Cuba, ala the now

defunct Radio Free Europe. There's a restricted area on the sectionals with a note

that a cable to 15,000 ft. (!!!) may be present. The RA, complete with cable and

balloon, are there in FS9 (I've also seen it in real life, though not from an aircraft).

Also, some distance west of KW are the Dry Tortugas with a Civil War era fort and a

lighthouse, both present in FS9.

There's a memorial to the Wright Brothers at Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina and

I'm pretty sure it's in FS. At least a buzz job, if not a stop there might be a fitting gesture.

There are some Islands in Lake Erie that, until about 15 years ago had a twice daily

scheduled air service for tourists in Ford Tri-Motors. I saw some of them in the 80's.

Among other things, the aircraft were operated under contract as a school bus service

for the children of permanent residents on the islands going to schools on the mainland.

Quite by chance, I encountered a famous military flight demonstration team doing

touch and goes at a US military field, thanks to the JF Military Plus Pack #1. I'm

pretty sure they're a permanent feature there if you're running that add on, so we

could get an air show on the tour - or be part of one. (I have screen shots, but

won't be posting them until I get back home on a high-speed connection.)

Among the things I haven't seen, but I believe are modeled in FS are the arch in St.

Louis, Mt. Rushmore, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Mt. Ranier (tallest peak in the continental

US), the strip at Las Vegas, Hoover and Grand Coulee dams (a made to order mission

for Dambuster??), the Queen Mary and nearby dome housing Howard Hughe's Spruce

Goose and some of the landmarks in Washington DC and New York.

As I said, no preferences, just info.


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Hi John,

Thanks for the very comprehensive and informative reply, there's a whole challenge there in it's self!

Meigs Field (FS9) should definitely be in with it's long standing association with FS.

Niagara would be nice and could be the stop after Meigs.

There after we could pop across to Moose country for a quick stop. (I would like to stop possibly in Guelph as I have relatives there)

Las Vegas would be colourful.

There's plenty of ideas in there thanks John :mrhappy:

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I'd like to see a quick stop in Whitehorse in the Yukon, via Seattle-Tacoma if possible. I know it's a long way off course so I will understand if we can't make it.

Also, and more importantly, what trip to the USA is complete with out visiting New York? :mrhappy: . I think a trip to La Guardia (I know of some good freeware scenery for LGA) would slot in well between Toronto and Tampa.

Dave :-)

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Well Well Well, What do we have here :dance:

In no order, just the one they pop into my head... :mrhappy:


Orlando (Mccoy/Sanford)

San Francisco

Boston Logan

Chicago (Midway)

Boeing Field



LAX Leg Mut :wink:

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PANC, anchorage in alaska is the only place i can really suggest we go that hasnt/wont me mentioned. Would also be fun to visit Glacier bay, as we come back down toward KSEA.

I have attached an image of the sort of routing i think we should take. No actual destinations are suggested, just the general pattern of routes.

Notice we hit the Carribbean twice. There are a lot of islands here, and we could either visit them twice, or go island hopping the first or second time through. (i prefer the island hopping idea, as i have a feeling that we shall be seeing a lot of widebodys in north america, judging my the majority of styles of airports.)

We then go mack to europe vie BIKF (Keflavick)


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I like mulletman's map - it looks like it was designed by the guy who hopes to

be selling us fuel though.

It's a good concept and Mut can tweak the details as necessary to hit the places that

ought to be visited.

As for airport types, you can find anything, from KATL-like behemoths with four

parallel runways to 1500 foot grass strips. Lots of both, and everything in between.

Strips are scarcer in the West than the East, except right along the Pacific,

where there are also plenty.

I know of one place with two water runways and one asphalt. No ILS, though. :-)


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OK we're getting there!

I need to study these a bit more but a few comments to start with.

Phil, you see that after our chat about PACEL I included Lima, I will include Quito too.

Sam, Thanks for the list, we've already got two suggestions for Chicago but may look at Midway as an alternative to O'hare

Mullet, looking at your plan and other suggestions I think we may turn left to Alaska when we hit the Americas, via Washington state then across Canada down to New York then zig-zag through North America, stop off in a few Caribbean islands off to Mexico / Equidor though South America until we get to the Falklands.

I intend then to land at least once in Antartica as it is a continent in it's own right, moving East until we get to South Africa then up through Africa as we have not been there, then decide what we do on the final legs.

I will add these suggestions into the top thread when I get time later on today, thanks for all these great suggestions :mrhappy:

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OK we're getting there!

.....think we may turn left to Alaska when we hit the Americas, via Washington state then across Canada down to New York then zig-zag through North America, stop off in a few Caribbean islands off to Mexico / Equidor though South America until we get to the Falklands.

as said in my previous post, i'd love to do the Buenos Aires to Falklands leg with the stop over - it would be a fitting tribute to a couple of my relatives who fought for us during the Falklands War 1982 - April to June 2007 being the 25th Anniversary. I've just the aircraft for the leg also, so would really appreciate this. As a further tribute, could i suggest a stop off at Wideawake Aiport on Ascension Island on our way up through Africa?

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